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  • 20TH SEPTEMBER Arthur Tudor is born in at 1.A.M Winchester Cathedral Priory, Winchester, Kingdom of England . The eldest son of King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York.
  • Arthur became Duke of Cornwall at birth
  • 24TH SEPTEMBER Arthur was baptised at Winchester Cathedral by the Bishop of Worcester, John Alcock, and his baptism was immediately followed by his Confirmation. John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford, Thomas, the Queen's sister carried Arthur. Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby, William FitzAlan, 16th Earl of Arundel, Queen Elizabeth Woodville and Cecily of York served as godparents Richard Woodville,Queen's uncle esquire for the body' was present at the christening also.
  • Arthur was given a wet-nurse, a lady named Caroline Gibbons. Two royal “rockers” were also appointed to rock the baby prince’s cradle and two men, John Alcock, Bishop of Worcester, and Peter Courtenay, Bishop of Exeter, advised the King on Arthur’s upbringing.
  • 25TH NOVEMBER Arthur's mother Elizabeth of York. was crowned at Westminster Abbey by John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • 27TH MARCH The Treaty of Medina del Campo. This was an agreement between England and Spain. It had three goals: the establishment of a common policy for the two countries regarding France, the reduction of tariffs between the two countries, and, most centrally, the arrangement of a marriage contract between Arthur Tudor, eldest son of Henry VII of England, and Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon.
  • 28TH NOVEMBER Margaret Tudor was born,Westminster Palace, London, Arthur's sister
  • 29TH NOVEMBER Arthur was made a Knight of the Bath, Arthur was appointed Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester
  • 27TH FEBRUARY Arthur was Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, at the Palace of Westminster
  • MAY Arthur was created warden of all the marches towards Scotland and the Earl of Surrey
  • 8TH MAY Arthur was was made a Knight of the Garter at Saint George's Chapel at Windsor Palace.
  • 28TH JUNE Henry Tudor was born at Pembroke Castle the future Henry VIII of England.
  • Arthur began his formal education under John Rede, a former headmaster of Winchester College.
  • OCTOBER Arthur was named Keeper of England and King's Lieutenant while his father. King Henry VII was in France.
  • Arthur was sent to Ludlow Castle in the Welsh Marches to begin his education as the future king
  • MARCH Arthur was granted the power to appoint justices of oyer and terminer and inquire into franchises,
  • 18THMARCH Mary Tudor is born at Sheen Palace, London, Surrey, Kingdom of England Arthur's sister
  • 18TH JULY An amendment to the Treaty of Medina del Campo declared that Catherine of Aragon would come to England when Arthur was 14 years old. Her dowry of 200,000 crowns would be paid in two installments.
  • FEBRUARY Arthur made a formal appeal to the Pope to grant a dispensation enabling him to marry Catherine of Aragon before he came of age.
  • 19TH MAY Arthur and Catherine of Aragon were married by proxy at Tickenhill Palace . The two would corresponded in Latin until Arthur turned fifteen
  • Ferdinand of Aragon told Henry that he was concerned for his daughter’Catherine of Aragons future while there were still other claimants to the throne alive in England. He was referring to Edward, Earl of Warwick and Perkin Warbeck both of whom were imprisoned in the Tower of London
  • 23RD NOVEMBER The pretender Perkin Warbeck was executed.
  • 28TH NOVEMBER Edward Plantagenet, 17th Earl of Warwick is executed Tower of London, London
  • Thomas Linacre became Prince Arthur’s tutor. He took over from the poet Bernard Andre
  • MARCH Work began on building a raised platform outside St Paul’s cathedral so that Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon could be witnessed taking their vows.
  • 2ND OCTOBER Princess Catherine of Aragon landed at Plymouth and proceeded by road via Exeter . Catherinespent her first night in England at at Amesbury Priory .
  • When Catherine of Aragon travelled to London, she brought a group of her African attendants with her, including one identified as the trumpeter John Blan.They are the first Africans recorded to have arrived in London at the time
  • 4TH NOVEMBER Arthur's first meeting with Catherine of Aragon .at Dogmersfield in Hampshire.
  • 14TH NOVEMBER Arthur married Catherine of Aragon at Saint Paul's Cathedral; both Arthur and Catherine wore white satin. The ceremony was conducted by Henry Deane, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was assisted by William Warham, Bishop of London and another nineteen bishops .Cecily of York, Viscountess Welles bore the train of Catherine of Aragon
  • Sir Nicolas Byron was created a Knight of the Bath by Arthur, at his wedding. Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham attended wearing a gown worth £1500.Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset ,who was first cousin to Arthur, was 'chief answerer' at the marriage
  • After which followed was a bedding ceremony, laid down by Arthur's grandma Lady Margaret Beaufort: the bed was sprinkled with holy water, after which Catherine was led away from the wedding feast by her ladies-in-waiting. She was undressed, veiled and "reverently" laid in bed, while Arthur, "in his shirt, with a gown cast about him", was escorted by his gentlemen into the bedchamber, while viols and tabors played. The Bishop of London blessed the bed and prayed for the marriage to be fruitful, after which the couple were left alone. This is the only public bedding of a royal couple recorded in Britain in the 16th century
  • 15TH NOVEMBER Tournaments are held day after Arthur's wedding. Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham was the chief challenger at the tournament
  • DECEMBER Arthur and his new wife Catherine of Aragon, left the royal court at Richmond to travel to Ludlow, stopping to celebrate Christmas at Woodstock in Oxfordshire.
  • JANUARY Arthur and Catherine reached Ludlow Castle.
  • Both Arthur and his wife Catherine had fallen ill. sweating sickness and consumption (tuberculosis).Catherine recovered, although she missed her husband’s funeral at Worcester Cathedral
  • 2ND APRIL Arthur Tudor died at Ludlow Castle, Ludlow, Shropshire, Kingdom of England
On the 25th April 1502 Prince Arthur Tudor was buried Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, Kingdom of England
  • Arthur Tudor was the Prince of Wales, Earl of Chester and Duke of Cornwall. The eldest son of King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York.
  • King Henry VII of England, named his firstborn son after the legendary King Arthur. On this occasion, Camelot was identified as present-day Winchester,and his wife, Elizabeth of York, was sent to Saint Swithun's Priory (today Winchester Cathedral Priory) in order to give birth there.
  • Arthur was the grandson of the late King Edward IV of England and a great Nephew ro King Richard III through his mother Elizabeth line.
  • Henry VII and Elizabeth of York marriage represented the union of the House of York and Lancaster and brought closer to the Wars of The Roses.
  • Through her mothers blood-line,Catherine of Aragon had a stronger legitimate claim to the English throne than King Henry VII himself through the first two wives of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster: Blanche of Lancaster and Constance of Castile. In contrast, Henry VII was the descendant of Gaunt's third marriage to Katherine Swynford, whose children were born out of wedlock and only legitimised after the death of Constance and the marriage of John to Katherine.
  • Arthur was the first husband to Catherine of Aragon. When Arthur died in 1502, Catherine would later marry his younger brother and the next heir in line Henry VIII in 1509. The debate over whether Catherine and Arthur consummated their marriage was used in King Henry VIII great matter issue in his divorce proceeding after 20years of his marriage to Catherine.
  • Arthur's nursery in Farnham was headed by Elizabeth Darcy, who had served as chief nurse for Edward IV's children, including Arthur's own mother
  • On the 4h April, King Henry VII was awoken from his sleep by his confessor, who quoted Job by asking Henry "If we receive good things at the hands of God, why may we not endure evil things?" He then told the king that "[his] dearest son hath departed to God," and Henry burst into tears."Grief-stricken and emotional," he then had his wife brought into his chambers, so that they might "take the painful news together";Elizabeth reminded Henry that God had helped him become king and "had ever preserved him," adding that they had been left with "yet a fair Prince and two fair princesses and that God is where he was, and [they were] both young enough." Soon after leaving Henry's bedchamber, Elizabeth collapsed and began to cry, while the ladies sent for the King, who hurriedly came and "relieved her."
  • On the 23rd April Arthur's body, which had previously been embalmed sprinkled with holy water and sheltered with a canopy, was carried out of Ludlow Castle and into the Parish Church of Ludlow by various noblemen and gentlemen. On the 25th April, Arthur's body was taken to Worcester Cathedral via the River Severn, in a "special wagon upholstered in black and drawn by six horses, also caparisoned in black." As was customary, Catherine did not attend the funeral. The Earl of Surrey acted as chief mourner.At the end of the ceremony, Sir William Uvedale, Sir Richard Croft and Arthur's household ushers broke their staves of office and threw them into the Prince's grave.During the funeral, Arthur's own arms were shown alongside those of Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd and Brutus of Troy. Two years later, a chantry was erected over Arthur's grave
  • Billy Barratt played the young prince Arthur in the 2017, White Princess and in the The Shadow of the Tower, with "Lord Arthur, Prince of Wales" played by Jason Kemp.
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