• 30TH APRIL: Edwards sister Joan of Acre married Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl OF Gloucester,
  • 8TH JULY: Edward's sister Margaret of England married John II, Duke of Brabant in Westminster Abbey, London
  • 28TH NOVEMBER: Edwards mother Eleanor of Castile died
  • 17TH DECEMBER: The funeral of Eleanor of Castile.
  • Edward is betrothed to Blanche of France
  • 20TH SEPTEMBER: Edward's sister Eleanor of England married Henry III, Count of Bar
  • JANUARY: Edward sister Joan of Acre secretly married Ralph de Monthermer, 1st Baron Monthermer
  • Edward's sister Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, married John I, Count of Holland
  • Edward was left as regent in charge of England while his father King Edward I England campaigned in Flanders against Philip IV,
  • 22ND JULY: The battle of Falkirk: major battles in the first war of Scottish independence; Edward father Edward I of England is commander for the English and William Wallace is commander for Scotland.: Result English victory
  • 29TH AUGUST : Edwards sister Eleanor of England died, Ghent, county of Flanders
  • Edward accompanied his father Edward I England on campaigns to pacify Scotland.
  • 1ST JUNE: Edwards half-brother Thomas of Brotherton is born;
  • Piers Gaveston, joined Edward's household
  • Edward is named and titled Prince of Wales
  • 5TH AUGUST: Edward's half-brother Edmund of Woodstock is born.
  • 14TH NOVEMBER: Edward's sister Elizabeth of Rhuddlan married Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford
  • JANUARY Queen Margaret, helped those including Piers Gaveston receive a pardon for being deserters
  • 23RD APRIL: Edwards sister Joan of Acre died
  • 26TH FEBRUARY Edward I England announced that Piers Gaveston had to leave the realm shortly after 30th April that year According to Walter of Guisborough, the Edward appeared before the King to request that his own county of Ponthieu be given to Piers Gaveston.  Edward I, enraged, tore out handfuls of his son's hair and threw him out of the royal chambers. It would appear Piers banishment was more of a punishment for Prince Edward than for anything directly linked to Piers.
  • On Piers departure, from Court when Prince Edward equipped him with horses, luxurious clothes, and £260 of money.
  • 7TH JULY: Edward father Edward I of England is dead, and now Edward is king of England.
  • 11TH JULY Word reaches Edward  in London that he has succeeded his father as King of England
  • JULY: Edward recalls his friend Piers Gaveston
  • 6TH AUGUST Edward  alleged lover Piers Gaveston is made Earl of Cornwall
  • 9-11TH JANUARY Knights Templar arrested in England
  • JANUARY Edward appointed Piers Gaveston as regent in his place. While he left the country to marry the French king's daughter Isabella of France, This was a responsibility that would normally be given to a close family member of the reigning king
  • JANUARY: Edward crossed the English channel to France
  • 25TH JANUARY: Edward married Isabella of France at Boulogne-sur-Mer,
  • FEBRUARY: parliament met and there was heated discussion of Piers Gaveston and how much power was being given to him.
  • 25TH FEBRUARY: Edward and his wife Isabella of France joint coronation as King and Queen of England. They were crowned by Henry Woodlock, Bishop of Winchester. Piers Gaveston took a very prominent part at Edward's coronation, Piers was dressed in an outfit of royal purple and pearls and called the king over to sit with him, instead of with his wife Queen Isabella. The French delegation walked out and one earl drew his sword and had to be restrained from attacking Piers Gaveston. The Kings cousin, Thomas of Lancaster who hated Piers was also present, carrying Curtana, the sword of Edward the Confessor.
  • MAY Edward  is informed an anonymous informer reported that his step-mother Queen Dowager Margaret of France had provided ₤40,000 along with her brother, Philip IV, to support the English barons against Piers Gaveston.
  • 18TH MAY Edward forced to banish Piers Gaveston by his barons.Piers until 25 June, but faced excommunication by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Winchelsey, should he return.
  • 25TH APRIL Pope Clement V was satisfied that the difficulties between the King and his magnates had been settled, and agreed to lift the interdict against Piers Gaveston
  • 27TH JULY Parliament allows Piers Gaveston to return in exchange for an agreement to reform the royal administration
  • 5TH AUGUST Piers Gaveston was reinstated with the earldom of Cornwall
  • Piers Gaveston began to exploit his relationship with the Edward,  more ostentatiously, obtaining favours and appointments for his friends and servants
  • FEBRUARY: Edward and parliament met again: Edward was petitioned to abandon Piers Gaveston as his counsellor and instead adopt the advice of twenty-one  elected barons, termed ordainer's. under pressure, Edward agreed.
  • 16TH MARCH Edward agrees to the election of a committee of twenty-one barons as "Lord Ordainers" to reform the government. Edward had pressure put on him, to make changes to his Royal Household. This group of so-called Lords Ordainers consisted of eight earls, seven bishops and six barons. Among the earls were supporters of the King, like Gloucester and John of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, as well as strong opponents, like Lancaster and Warwick
  • The Ordinances of 1311: This was a series of regulations imposed upon King Edward II by the peerage and clergy of the kingdom of England to restrict the power of the king
  • JULY Edward appointed Piers Gaveston as  Lieutenant of Scotland
  • 29TH JULY The remaining Knights Templar in England are dispersed to do penance
  • Completion of Lincoln Cathedral.
  • 16TH AUGUST At a Parliament meeting, Edward  was presented with a set of proposed reforms of the royal household, as well as specific attacks on individuals, including a demand for the renewed exile of Piers Gaveston
  • Scottish forces under Robert the Bruce raid Northumberland and burn Corbridge
  • 3RD NOVEMBER Piers Gaveston left England again.
  • CHRISTMAS Piers Gaveston returns from exile and is back at the royal court.
  • JANUARY Edward moves his court to York and prepares to fight rebellious barons
  • SPRING: Edward, Isabella of France and Piers Gaveston  fled north but were followed by the Earls of Lancaster and Pembroke. in an attempt to outwit their pursuers Edward and Isabella went to york leaving Piers Gaveston at Scarborough
  • 19TH JUNE: Edwards favourite Piers Gaveston is executed after a brief trial under Thomas, 2nd Earl of Lancaster, leader of rebels
  • Scottish forces under Robert the Bruce raid as far as Durham
  • 13TH NOVEMBER: Edwards son, Edward is born, future Edward III of England at Windsor Castle, Berkshire
  • 22ND DECEMBER The Earl of Lancaster and his supporters refuse an offer of pardon from Edward.
  • MAY English forces enter Scotland intending to break the Scottish siege of Stirling Castle.
  • 23RD-24TH JUNE: The Battle of Bannockburn,Part of the First War of Scottish Independence. This was a battle between England and Scotland: Edward is commander for the English and Robert the Bruce commander for the Scots: Result Decisive Scottish Victory
  • Completion of Old St Paul's Cathedral in London.
  • FEBRUARY Thomas, Earl of Lancaster takes control of administration, removing the last of the King's supporters from the Royal Council
  • The Great Famine (crop failures)
  • 26TH MAY Opening of Bruce campaign in Ireland by Edward Bruce, partly intended to create a second front in the First War of Scottish Independence against England
  • FEBRUARY Thomas `Earl of Lancaster becomes Chief Councillor to Edward II, who confirms the Ordinances of 1311
  • 5TH MAY: Edwards sister Elizabeth of Rhuddlan died
  • 15TH AUGUST: Edward's son John of Eltham is born. at Eltham Palace, Kent
  • 14TH FEBRUARY: Edwards stepmother: Blanche of France died
  • 8 TH APRIL Berwick-upon-Tweed is retaken by the Scottish from the English
  • 18TH JUNE Edward's daughter Eleanor of Woodstock is born at Woodstock palace in Oxfordshire
  • 9TH AUGUST: The Treaty of Leake signed at Leake in Nottinghamshire
  • A mentally ill man named John of Powderham appeared in Oxford, claiming that he was the real Edward II, and that Edward was a changeling, swapped at birth. he was executed
  • AUTUMN: The barons once again turned against Edward due to his favouring of the Despensors and called for the ordinances to be re-introduced and the Despensors exiled.
  • 20TH SEPTEMBER A siege of Berwick-upon-Tweed to recapture it from the Scottish occupation is abandoned
  • The Battle of Myton, Part of The First War of Scottish Independence,LocationMyton-on-Swale, Yorkshire, England ResultScottish victory
  • FEBRUARY: Civil war broke out between Edward and the Despensors and the barons led by Roger De Mortimer who opposed Edward. the Despenser war began (1321-22)
  • Edward names his half-brother Edmund, 1st Earl of Kent
  • 5TH JULY: Edward's daughter Joan of England is born at the tower of London, London
  • AUGUST: Roger De Mortimer forces were unable to take London.
  • 19TH AUGUST Edward is forced to banish his most loyal baron, Hugh le Despenser, and his son Hugh the younger
  • 7TH-10TH  MARCH: The Battle of Boroughbridge: royals against rebellion,leader of the rebellion was Thomas of Lancaster.The grandson of Henry III England: Result royal victory
  • Roger De Mortimer is imprisoned in the Tower London for having led the marcher lords in a revolt against King Edward
  • 14TH AUGUST:The Battle of Old by-land Part of the First War of Scottish Independence A Battle between England and Scotland: Robert the Bruce is commander for the Scots: Result Scottish victory
  • 18TH SEPTEMBER Edwards illegitimate son Adam Fitzroy died
  • Edward  makes a 13-year truce with Scotland.
  • AUGUST: Roger De Mortimer, escaped his imprisonment
  • John of Nottingham was a famous magician that was said to have tried to kill Edward and Hugh Depenser,through witchcraft Hugh Despenser became extremely concerned for his personal safety after this case. he wrote to Pope John XXII asking for his assistance in protecting him against magical attack.
  • MARCH: Edward send his wife Isabella to France
  • SEPTEMBER: Edward sent his son, (Future Edward III) to join his mother in Paris
  • MARCH Isabella of France arranges the betrothal of Edward of Windsor to Philippa of Hainault, in return for military support in her planned invasion of England
  • OCTOBER: Edward flees to  Gloucester
  • 27TH OCTOBER Hugh le Despenser, 1st Earl of Winchester, hanged, drawn and quartered at Bristol
  • 16TH NOVEMBER: Edward and Hugh Despenser the younger were captured by the forces of Mortimer, Isabella and Prince Edward
  • 24TH NOVEMBER: Hugh Despenser, Edward's support, is executed, sentenced to be disembowelled, castrated and quartered;
  • 12TH JANUARY leading barons and clergy agreed that Edward should be removed and replaced by his son.
  • 20TH JANUARY Henry of Lancaster and the bishops of Winchester and Lincoln met privately with Edward in the castle, and informed him of their decision of passing the throne to his son Edward
  • 25TH JANUARY: Edward is forced to abdicate in favour of his son Edward .his son Edward is now king of England.
  • 1ST FEBRUARY  The coronation of Edward III. Edward was crowned by Walter Reynolds, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • 5TH APRIL; Edward is moved to Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, Thomas Berkeley, and John Maltravers was in charge of his imprisonment.
  • 21ST SEPTEMBER: Edward died at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire
Edward II of England was buried on 20th December 1327 at Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucestershire, England


  • Edward, who was also known as Edward of Caernarvon was King of England for nineteen years.



  • Edward was the fourth son of “Longshanks” Edward 1st England. Edward's three older brothers. never survived past childhood.


  • Eleanor, Edward's mother, was the daughter of the King of Castile. Ferdinand III of Castile.



  • Edward enjoyed rowing, as well as hedging and ditching, and enjoyed associating with labourers and other lower-class workers, this behaviour was considered not normal at the time, nobility associating with commoners.


  • Isabella of France, Edwards wife, was niece to his stepmother Blanche of France.

  • Edwrad's reign was challenging, he had regular threats of civil war, problems in his own govermant along with failed military campaingns.



  • Edward had a close and controversial relationship with Piers Gaveston, who had joined his household in 1300. The precise nature of Edward and Gaveston's relationship is uncertain they may have been friends, lovers or sworn brothers.


  • The circumstances of Edward's Death have been open to interpretation. Some believe he was murdered. Some believe he had cheated death and was still alive in 1330.  According to the royal accounts, Edward II died in Berkeley Castle on 21 September 1327. Lord Berkeley’s accounts show that the news was taken in his own letters to the royal household, which was then at Lincoln.




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