When was Edward the III King of England?. When Did King Edward the III  introduced the Order of The Garter?




  • 13TH NOVEMBER Edward was born at Windsor Castle, Berkshire the son of Edward II of England and Isabella of France, born
  • 15TH AUGUST Edwards brother John of Eltham is born at Eltham Palace, Kent
  • 18TH JUNE Edwards sister, Eleanor of Woodstock is born at Woodstock, Oxfordshire
  • 5TH JULY Edwards sister Joan of England is born known as Joan of the tower because she was born in the Tower of London
  • Roger Mortimer is imprisoned in the Tower London by Edward II of England
  • SEPTEMBER: Edward joined his mother Isabella in France
  • Edward is now known as the count of Ponthieu, Duke of Aquitaine
  • DECEMBER: Edwards mother Isabella of France begins her affair With Roger Mortimer
  • SUMMER: Isabella and Roger Mortimer left the French court, taking Edward with them
  • SEPTEMBER14-16TH NOVEMBER The invasion of England queen, Isabella of France, and her lover, Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March, led to the capture of Hugh dispenser the younger and the abdication of Isabella's husband, Edward II
  • 25TH JANUARY Edwards father, Edward II, is forced to abdicate the crown in favour of Edward, Edward is now king of England
  • 1ST FEBRUARY The coronation of Edward as king of England, the third of his name. Edward was crowned by Walter Reynolds, Archbishop of Canterbury at Westminster Abbey.
  • Henry, 3rd Earl of Lancaster who is the great-grandson of Henry II is appointed Edward’s chief advisor. A reward for helping with deposing Edward II.
  • 31ST MARCH King Charles IV of France (Queen dowager's Isabella brother) makes peace with Edward, returning Gascony to English control
  • APRIL: The deposed Edward II. England is imprisoned
  • 3-4th AUGUST The Battle of Stanhope Park: Part of the  First Wars of The  Scottish between England and Scotland: Edward and Roger Mortimer are commander Result Scottish victory Part of the First Wars of The  Scottish Independence.
  • 21ST SEPTEMBER Edward’s father, Edward II died Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire
  • DECEMBER Philippa of Hainault arrived in England.
  • 24TH JANUARY: Edward married Philippa of Hainault at York Minster
  • The Treaty of Edinburgh–Northampton: treaty between Scotland England
  • 1ST MAY: Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton: England recognizes Scotland as an independent nation, after the  First  Wars  of  The  Scottish Independence.
  • 12RG JUNE Edwards sister Joan of England married David II Scotland she was seven years old, he was only four
  • 6TH OCTOBER Edwards brother John of Eltham is titled Earl of Cornwall
  • Edward pays homage to Philip VI of France for Aquitaine.
  • 7TH JUNE  King Robert the Bruce of Scotland is dead and now his son David is King of Scots.
  • 4TH MARCH The coronation of Philippa  of Hainault. Philippa was crowned by Simon Mepeham, Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • 19TH MARCH Edmund of Woodstock, Earl of Kent is executed on the orders of the regent Roger Mortimer because he plotted to free the former King Edward II of England (who is dead since September 1327)
  • 15TH JUNE Edwards son, Edward of Woodstock is born (future nicknamed black prince)
  • 19TH OCTOBER Edward decided to take direct action against Roger Mortimer and took him by surprise at Nottingham castle. Edward begins to reign in his own right.
  • 29TH NOVEMBER: Roger Mortimer executed at Tyburn accused of assuming royal power and other crimes
  • NOVEMBER: The coronation of Joan of England, Edwards sister, as Queen consort of Scotland
  • MAY: Edwards sister Eleanor of Woodstock married Reginald II, Duke of Guelder
  • 16TH JUNE Edwards daughter Isabella of England is born at Woodstock Palace, in Oxfordshire
  • 10TH-11TH AUGUST The start of the  Second  Wars of The  Scottish: Edward Balliol, pretender to the Scottish throne, and his English allies defeat troops loyal to David  II of Scotland at the Battle of Dupplin Moor. Result Decisive tactical victory for Balliol
        Result in da ecisive English victory
  • 19TH DECEMBER Edwards daughter: Joan of England is born at Antwerp, duchy of Brabant
  • English troops burn Aberdeen in Scotland.
  • AUGUST England bans wool exports to Flanders
  • SEPTEMBER Parliament votes for taxes to fund a war against France
  • 13TH SEPTEMBER Edwards brother John of Eltham died
  • 16TH MARCH Edwards son Edward of Woodstock is created Duke of Cornwall
  • 24TH MAY Philip VI of France confiscates Gascony from English control
  • AUGUST English forces relieve Stirling Castle, ending Edward III of England's last campaign in Scotland
  • OCTOBER The start of the “Hundred Years' War:” with France
  • NOVEMBER The Battle Of Cadsand, Part of the Hundred Year of War between England and France, English troops raid the Flemish island of Cadzand. Result English victory
  • Edward took his daughter with him on his journey to Koblenz, where they met Louis IV  Holy Roman emperor and were his special guests at the imperial diet in the church of saint castor.
  • Hundred Years' War: Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor appoints Edward III of England as a vicar-general of the Holy Roman Empire. Louis supports Edward's claim to the French throne, under the terms of the Treaty of Koblenz.
  • 23RD SEPTEMBER The Battle Of Arnemuiden,Part of the Hundred Year of War. Battle between England and France: Result French victory
  • 29TH NOVEMBER Edwards son: Lionel of Antwerp, is born
  • The first known ribauldequin was used by the army of Edward III of England in 1339 in France during the Hundred Years' War
  • 25TH JANUARY  Edward is declared King of France.
  • 6TH MARCH Edwards son John of Gaunt, is born, Ghent, Flanders (now in Belgium)
  • 24TH JUNE The Battle Of Sluys Part of the Hundred Year of War. This was   between England and France: Edward is commander: This is fought between the naval fleets of England and France. The battle ends with the almost complete destruction of the French fleet. Result English Victory
  • 26TH JULY The Battle Of Saint-Omer:Part of the Hundred Year of War Battle between France and England:  Result French victory
  • 25TH SEPTEMBER The temporary Truce of Espléchin is signed between England and France
  • 30TH  NOVEMBER Edward returns to England unannounced
  • JANUARY 18TH The Queen's College, a constituent college of the University of Oxford in England, is founded.
  • 5TH JUNE Edwards son Edmund of Langley is born at Kings Langley, Hertfordshire
  • JULY  Breton War of Succession:Part of the Hundred Year of War. England and France support rival claimants to the duchy of Brittany
  • Edwards son Edward is created Prince of Wales.
  • The florin or double leopard was an attempt in 1344 by English king Edward III to produce a gold coinage
  • 19TH JUNE Three-day "Round Table" tournament held at Windsor Castle
  • 10TH OCTOBER Edwards daughter Mary of Waltham is born, Waltham, Hampshire
  • JULY Edward orders the closing of English ports to stop information from reaching France
  • JULY 11TH Edward and the English army across the English Channel, and begin an invasion of France
  • 20TH JULY Edwards daughter Margaret of England is born
  • 26TH JULY The Battle Of Caen: Battle.Part of the Hundred Year of War.  between England and Franc Result English Victor
  • 24TH AUGUST:The Battle of Blanchetaque Battle between France and England. Part of the Hundred Year of War. Edward is commander for the English tResultEnglish army successfully forded the river
  • 26TH AUGUST The Battle Of Crécy.Part of the Hundred Year of War. Edward are his son Edward are commanders for the English and Philip IV France for the French
       Result English Victory
       The result of English victory David II of Scotland is taken the prisoner,(David would be   held for 11 years)
  • Edwards son Lionel of Antwerp was made Earl of Ulster
  • JUNE The Black Death.
  •  Two ships enter the Bristol Channel bringing the bubonic plague to England.
  • JULY: Edwards daughter Joan of England died.
  • The noblest Order of the Garter is founded by Edward
  • 29TH AUGUST The Battle Of Les Espagnols Sur Mer: Naval battle between England and Spain. Edward and his son Edward "The Black Prince" are commanders for the English.  Result English victory
  • JANUARY 14TH Edward institutes the Treason Act of 1351, defining treason in English law. It is currently one of the earliest statues still in force under English law.
  • The Statute of Labourers, created by the parliament under Edward
  • 26TH MARCH Combat of the Thirty: thirty picked knights each from the Kingdoms of France and England fight in Brittany to determine who will rule the Duchy of Brittany as part of the War of the Breton Succession; a Franco-Breton victory is secured.
  • Edward  goes to help Philippa’s sister Margaret during the period of civil war-winning a naval engagement off veere, however, later Edward changed sides
  • 15TH AUGUST Edward son Lionel of Antwerp married Elizabeth De Burgh
      Result in a decisive Scottish victory
  • 5TH OCTOBER Edward, "The Black Prince" begins campaigns in southern France
  • 20TH JANUARY Edward Balliol surrenders his title as King of Scotland, to Edward.
  • Burnt Candlemas: Edward burns down every town and village in Lothian, Scotland.
  • 19TH SEPTEMBER The Battle Of Poitiers, Part of the Hundred Year of War Battle between England against, France and Scotland. Edward’s son Edward the Black Prince, is commander for England and John II of France for the French Result decisive English victory king John II of France is captured by the English.
  • APRIL "Round Table" tournament held at Windsor Castle, attracting contestants from across Europe
  • 22 AUGUST: Edwards mother Isabella of France died
  • 25TH MARCH Part of the Hundred Years of War. Second Treaty of London signed between England and France but rejected by the French States-General on 25 May.
  • 13TH MAY Edwards daughter Margaret of England married her childhood friend with whom she grew up with, John Hastings
  • 19TH MAY Edwards son, John of Gaunt married Blanche of Lancaster, at Reading Abbey, Reading, Berkshire
  • 4TH DECEMBER Part of the Hundred Years of War. Edward III lays siege to Rouen in France.
  • JANUARY Part of the Hundred Years of War: Edward III marches on Paris.
  • Enguerrand VII, Lord of Coucy is brought to England as a hostage exchanged for the freedom of King John II of France, an English prisoner.
  • 8TH MAY The Treaty of Brétigny: Part of the Hundred Years of War. between King Edward III of England and King John II of France
  • Edward is known now as the Lord of Aquitaine, after the Treaty of Brétigny
  • Edward son John of Gaunt is given the titles of Earl of Leicester, Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Derby
  • 3RD JULY Edwards daughter Mary married John IV, Duke of Brittany
  • SEPTEMBER: Edwards daughter Mary of Waltham, died
  • 10TH OCTOBER Edward son Edward "The Black Prince" married his cousin Joan of Kent
  • 24TH OCTOBER The Treaty of Brétigny is ratified at Calais, marking the end of the first phase of the Hundred Years of War. Under its terms, Edward gives up his claim to the French throne and releases King John II of France, in return for French land, including Calais & Gascony
  • Edward daughter: Margaret of England died.
  • The Pleading in English Act 1362. This The Pleading in English Act makes English rather than Law French the official language in law courts
  • 13TH OCTOBER The Chancellor of England, for the first time, opens Parliament with a speech in English Under Edward III of England, the Pleading in English Act makes English rather than Law French the official language in law courts
  • NOVEMBER: Edward’s son Lionel of Antwerp is made Duke of Clarence. and another son John given the title Duke of Lancaster
  • Alice Perrers becomes Edwards mistress
  • 29TH JUNE Edward, "The Black Prince" takes control of Aquitaine.Part of the Hundred Years of War
  • NOVEMBER David II of Scotland makes an agreement for Edward III to succeed him as King of Scotland.
  • John De Southeray is born Edwards illegitimate son of Alice Perrers
  • 4TH MARCH Scottish Parliament rejects Edward's right to rule Scotland
  • 27TH JULY  Edwards daughter at Woodstock Palace, in Oxfordshire, married Enguerrand VII, Lord of Coucy
  • Parliament passes the second Statute of Praemunire, forbidding appeals to the Pope
  • The Statutes of Kilkenny: thirty-five acts passed at Kilkenny the prime author of the statutes was Lionel of Antwerp,
  • 6TH JANUARY Edward grandson and future king of England Richard is born through his son Edward.
  • FEBRUARY Castilian Civil War – English forces led by Edward, the Black Prince side with Pedro of Castile against Pedro's brother Henry II of Castile
  • 3RD APRIL Edwards grandson from his son John of Gaunt is born, Henry, (future Henry IV England)
  • 30TH JANUARY Part of the Hundred Years of War barons in English-controlled territory in France object to new taxes, and appeal to King Charles V of France.
  • 28TH MAY Edwards son Lionel of Antwerp married Violante Visconti
  • 7TH DECEMBER Edwards son Lionel Antwerp, duchy of Brabant died.at Alba, Piedmont
  • 29TH JANUARY The funeral of Philippa of Hainault
  • SEPTEMBER Siege Of Limoges: Battle between France and England, Edwards son, John and Edward are commanders for England
  • JANUARY Edward, the Black Prince, gives up the administration of Aquitaine and returns to England, because of his poor health and heavy debts.
  • 22ND FEBRUARY King David II of Scotland is dead and now Robert II, The first Monarch from the House of Stuart is king of Scotland.
  • 21ST SEPTEMBER Edward son John of Gaunt married for a second time to Constance of Castile at Roquefort, near Bordeaux, Guienne
  • 22ND JUNE Battle of La Rochelle. Part of the Hundred Year of War. The French and the Castilians defeat the English. The French gain control of the English Channel for the first time since
  • 11TH JULY Edwards son Edmund of Langley married Isabella of Castile, whom was sister to John of Gaunt second wife
  • The Anglo-Portuguese treaty: signed by Edward and King Ferdinand and Queen Eleanor of Portugal
  • Bristol in England is made an independent county.
  • 23RD APRIL Edward granted the poet Geoffrey Chaucer a gallon wine, for every day of his life for his works.
  •  27TH JUNE  Hundred Years' War: The English, weakened by the plague, lose so much ground to the French that they agree to sign the Treaty of Bruges, leaving them with only the coastal towns of Calais, Bordeaux and Bayonne
  • 20TH JULY Edwards grandson from his son Edmund of Langley is born Richard of Conisburgh, Richard will be the  grandfather to future kings Edward IV and Richard III England
  • Week-long tournament held, with Alice Perrers leading the opening procession
  • MARCH The peace treaty Part of the Hundred Year of War. This between England and France is extended until April, 1377
  • 28TH APRIL 28TH-JULY 10TH The Good Parliament. So-called because its members attempted to reform the corrupt Royal Council, through the first use of impeachment
  • 7TH JUNE The dying Prince Edward summons his father, Edward III, and brother, John of Gaunt, and makes them swear to uphold the claim to the throne of his son Richard; Edward is the first "English" Prince of Wales not to become King of England.
  • 8TH JUNE Edwards son Edward of Woodstock has died due to poor health
  • Edwards son Thomas of Woodstock married lady Eleanor De Bohun
  • Edwards daughter Isabella of England is made a lady of the garter
  • SEPTEMBER: Edward is ill with a large abscess
  • John of Gaunt summons religious reformer John Wyclif to appear before the Royal Council
  • 20TH NOVEMBER Richard of Bordeaux, son of the Black Prince, is created Prince of Wales in succession to his father.
  • 27TH JANUARY-2ND MARCH The Bad Parliament. Influenced by John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, it undoes the work done by the Good Parliament, the previous year, to reduce corruption in the Royal Council. It also introduces a poll tax.
  • 20TH FEBRUARY There are riots in London after John of Gaunt, attacks the privileges of the City
  • 21ST JUNE: Edward III of England died at sheen palace, Richmond
Edward III of England was buried on the 5th July 1377 at Westminster Abbey, London


  • Edward was King of England, for fifty years
  • Edward was Also known as Edward of Windsor
  • Edward was son of Edward II of England and his Grandfather was King Philip IV France, through his mother.
  • Edward was the father to two great houses that lead to the , the house of York through his son Edward of Langley and house of Lancaster through his son John of Gaunt.
  • Edward was married to his cousin, Phillipa of Hainault, the daughter of William the Good, Count of Hainault and Holland and Jeanne of Valois, granddaughter of Phillip III of France. The marriage had been negotiated by Edward's mother, Isabella, in the summer of 1326.
  • Edward was the Founder of the Knights of the Garter
  • During the Hundred Years War in the early 1340s, Edward III of England was engaged in an expensive war with France. He borrowed 600,000 gold florins from the Peruzzi banking family and another 900,000 from the Bardi family. In 1345 Edward III defaulted on his payments, causing both banking families to go bankrup
  • Edward spent allot time away in Brittany, however he wrote to his family often, calling his wife Philippa as his “sweetheart”.
  • Alice Perrers, whom was a lady in waiting to his wife Philippa became his mistress. Until the queen's death, their relationship was extremely secret. Alice was politically Alice was seen as an ambitious, and after the death of the late queen Philippa, she tok advantage where ever she could, and was an influence and very manipulative over the grieving Edward . towards the end of Edward's reign, Alice was accused of making his life a misery, to further her own ambitions.



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