Timeline and additional facts on Queen Elizabeth Woodville.the Queen consort of Edward IV of England. Find out who were Elizabeth Woodville children were? and Elizabeth Woodville family tree...


  • Elizabeth is born, the daughter of Richard Woodville, 1st earl rivers and Jacquetta of Luxembourg at Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire
  • Elizabeth sister Anne is born at Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, England
  • Elizabeth ’s brother Anthony is born
  • Elizabeth ’s brother John is born.
  • Elizabeth ’s brother Lionel is born
  • Elizabeth ’s brother Richard is born
  • Elizabeth married John Grey a Lancastrian knight.
  • The Beginning Of The War Of The Roses
  • Elizabeth s son Thomas Grey is born at Groby Old Hall, Groby, Leicestershire
  • Elizabeth ’s sister Mary is born
  • Elizabeth ’s son Richard Grey is born
  • Elizabeth sister Catherine is born
  • 17TH FEBRUARY: Elizabeth  husband John Grey is killed at The First Battle of St Albans
  • 4TH MARCH : Henry VI of England is deposed and Edward Earl Of March, Duke of York is king of England
  • 28TH JUNE: The coronation of Edward IV of England the fourth of his name.edward was crowned by Thomas Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • 1ST MAY: Elizabeth  married Edward IV of England in secret
  • Elizabeth ’s sister Catherine married Henry Stafford, Henry resented his marriage to Catherine, due to her low birth status.
  • 26TH MAY: Elizabeth ’s coronation as Queen of England. Elizabeth was crowned by Thomas Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • Elizabeth ’s brother John is made a knight of bath and also married Catherine Neville. the marriage was seen as a joke, as John was nineteen, and Catherine was sixty-five.
  • Elizabeth ’s father Richard Woodville is made Earl Rivers and Lord Treasurer
  • 11TH  FEBRUARY: Elizabeth ’s daughter Elizabeth of York is born at Westminster Palace, London, England
  • OCTOBER: Elizabeth s son Thomas Grey married lady Anne Holland, Anne was a niece of Edward IV of  England.
  • JANUARY: Elizabeth ’s sister Mary married William Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke
  • 11TH AUGUST: Elizabeth ’s daughter Mary of York is born, at Windsor Castle, Berkshire
  • 15TH AUGUST: Elizabeth ’s sister Anne married William Bourchier, Viscount Bourchier
  • 24TH AUGUST: Elizabeth  father Richard is made high constable of England
  • 20TH MARCH Elizabeth ’s daughter Cecily of York is born in Westminster palace,
  • Elizabeth ’s daughter, Elizabeth of York is briefly contracted to briefly betrothed to George Neville
  • AUGUST 12TH: Richard Woodville Elizabeth ’s father and her brother John are executed beheaded at Kenilworth
  • 3RD OCTOBER: Henry VI is back on the throne of England and Edward IV is deposed and has fled the country.
  • OCTOBER.  Elizabeth  sought sanctuary in Westminster Abbey from Lancastrians
  • 2ND NOVEMBER: Elizabeth ’s son Edward is born at Westminster, Middlesex, England
  • 21ST FEBRUARY: Elizabeth ’s mother, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, Countess Rivers stood trial for witchcraft.
  • JUNE: Elizabeth ’s son Edward was created Prince of Wales
  • 10TH APRIL: Elizabeth ’s daughter Margaret is born at Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England
  • 30TH MAY: Elizabeth ’s mother. Jacquetta of Luxembourg, Countess rivers died
  • 11TH DECEMBER: Elizabeth’s daughter, Margaret died
  • Elizabeth ’s brother Anthony is made chief butler of England
  • 17TH AUGUST: Elizabeth ’s son Richard is born at Shrewsbury, Shropshire
  • 5TH SEPTEMBER: Elizabeth ’s son Thomas Grey married, Cecily Bonville, 7th Baroness Harington of Aldingham, Cecily’s ancestors were from the line of Edward III England
  • Elizabeth ’s daughter Cecily of York is contracted to James III Scotland
  • 15TH MAY: Elizabeth ’s son Edward is made a Knight of the Garter
  • 2ND NOVEMBER: Elizabeth ’s daughter Anne of York is born.
  • 12TH JUNE: Elizabeth ’s son Richard is created Earl of Nottingham
  • Jane shore become the mistress of Elizabeth' s husband, Edward
  • Elizabeth ’s son, Thomas Grey is made a Knight of the Garter
  • Elizabeth ’s daughter Elizabeth of York is lady of the Garter
  • MARCH: Elizabeth ’s son George of York is born in Windsor castle
  • 15TH JANUARY: Elizabeth  son Richard married Anne De Mowbray, 8th countess of Norfolk, he was four-year-old, and she was five-year-old
  • Elizabeth ’s son Richard Grey is constable of Chester
  • MARCH: Elizabeth ’s son George of York died. aged two years
  • 14TH AUGUST: Elizabeth ’s daughter Catherine of York is born Eltham palace, Greenwich
  • Elizabeth ’s sister Anne married George Grey
  • Elizabeth ’s daughters Mary, and Cecily are named a lady of the garter.,
  • 10TH NOVEMBER: Elizabeth ’s daughter Bridget of York was born.
  • Elizabeth ’s sister Mary died
  • 23RD MAY: Elizabeth ’s daughter Mary of York died at Greenwich
  • JUNE: Elizabeth ’s daughter Cecily is betrothed now to Alexander Stewart, Duke of Albany, the exiled younger brother of James III of Scotland.
  • 9TH APRIL: Elizabeth husband Edward IV of England, died Elizabeth ’s son Edward V of England. Before Edward IV death he names his brother Richard as Lord Protector to his son Edward
  • 19TH MAY: King Edward, Elizabeth ’s son took up residence in the Tower of London, in preparation for his coronation
  • Elizabeth goes into sanctuary with her daughters
  • 16TH JUNE: Elizabeth ’s other son Richard, joins his brother Edward in the Tower of London
  • 22ND JUNE Edward IVs marriage was declared invalid. it was claimed that Edward IV had at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth  Woodville already been betrothed to Lady Eleanor Butler. parliament issued a bill, Titulus Regius
  • 25TH JUNE  Elizabeth ’s brother Anthony is executed at Pontefract castle along with her son Richard Grey.
  •  Edward V is no longer king of England and now Richard who was the late  Edward IV brother and Lord Protector of the now-deposed Edward V has named himself the rightful monarch of England.
  • 6TH JULY: The joint coronation of Richard as king of England and his wife Anne Neville, the third of his name. Richard and Anne are crowned by Thomas Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury. The joint coronation of Richard and Anne was a first in 175 years. John Howard had been granted the offices of Earl Marshall and High Steward of England, making him the man traditionally positioned to oversee the coronation. King Richard himself walked enrobed in a sumptuous purple velvet gown, a bishop at each shoulder and his train born without humility by the Duke of Buckingham. Anne walked behind with Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond holding her train. Richard’s sister Elizabeth, Duchess of Suffolk walked alone in sthe tate followed by a further twenty ladies of the nobility and a host of knights and squires
  • SUMMER: There are no more sightseeing of the princes, Elizabeth ’s sons Edward and Richard in the tower.
  • OCTOBER Buckingham rebellion, was a failed but significant uprising, or collection of uprisings n England and parts of wales against Richard III of England. seven ships from Brittany carrying over 500 Breton soldiers, Henry Tudor and many of his supporters were to have risen simultaneously against Richard III. a gale prevented this planned landing from being successfully carried out, and in England a premature uprising in Kent forewarned Richard that Buckingham had changed sides
  • 25TH DECEMBER: At Rennes cathedral, Henry Tudor  pledged to marry the eldest daughter of Edward IV, Elizabeth of York, who was also Edward’s heir since the presumed death of her brothers, the princes in the tower
  • JANUARY: Richard holds a parliament meeting were tripped Elizabeth of all the lands given to her during Edward IV reign
  • 1ST MARCH: Elizabeth  and her daughters came out of sanctuary after Richard III publicly swore an oath that her daughters would not be harmed or molested and that they would not be imprisoned in the tower of London or in any other prison, Elizabeth s daughters returned to court
  • 23RD JUNE: Elizabeth ’s brother Lionel bishop of Salisbury died
  • Elizabeth ’s daughter Anne of York, is contracted to Thomas Howard, the grandson of John Howard the duke of York, and close friend of Richard III England,
  • 22ND AUGUST; Battle of Bosworth, Richard III England is killed, and Henry VII (Tudor) is now king of England
  • 30TH OCTOBER: The coronation of Henry Tudor as king of England, the seventh of his name
  • 7TH NOVEMBER: Elizabeth ’s sister Catherine married Jasper Tudor, the uncle of Henry VII of England
  • 18TH JANUARY: Elizabeth ’s daughter Elizabeth of York, married Henry VII of England. Cardinal Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury Cardinal Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury, officiated at the wedding
  • 24TH SEPTEMBER: Elizabeth attends her grandson Arthur's christening, the son of her daughter Elizabeth of York. Elizabeth  was a godmother
  • 16TH JUNE Battle Of Stoke Field may be considered the last battle of the wars of the roses The Battle of Stoke Field was the decisive engagement in an attempt by leading Yorkists to unseat Henry  in favour of the pretender Lambert Simnel. John de, Earl la Pole was killed at the battle.Result Tudor victory and The End of the Wars of the Roses
  • Elizabeth ’s son, Thomas Grey was confined in the tower for short while but was released after the Battle of stoke.
  • 25TH NOVEMBER: The coronation of Elizabeth s daughter, Elizabeth of York as Queen consort of England
  • DECEMBER: Elizabeth ’s daughter Cecily of York married John Welles, 1st viscount Welles
  • Elizabeth ’s brother Edward died
  • 30TH JULY; Elizabeth sister Anne died.
  • 28TH NOVEMBER: Elizabeth  is present at the birth of her granddaughter Margaret Tudor, through her daughter Elizabeth of York
  • 6TH MARCH: Elizabeth’s brother Richard died
  • 28TH JUNE Elizabeth’s  grandson son Henry is born, through her daughter Elizabeth of York. The  future Henry VIII England
  • 8TH JUNE: Elizabeth  died at Bermondsey, London buried at St. George's chapel, Windsor
Elizabeth  Woodville was buried in  St. George's chapel, Windsor


  • Elizabeth was mother to the princes in the Tower and mother to the Tudor, Queen consort, Elizabeth of York, who was the wife of the future Henry VII of England.


  • Elizabeth is grandmother to the future monarchs Henry VIII of England and great grandmother to Edward IV, Mary 1stand Elizabeth I of England



  • Elizabeth is also great, great, great, grandmother to the nine day queen Lady Jane Grey in 1553, through her son, Thomas Grey’s line.


  • Elizabeth was called "The most beautiful woman in the Island of Britain"



  • After Elizabeth ’s husband John Grey of Grobys death, theirs lands were seized by the crown, and she was forced to live with her parents at Grafton.


  • Henry VII briefly contemplated in marrying his mother-in-law, Elizabeth off to King James III of Scotland, however king James died in 1486.



  • When Elizabeth died, all her daughters but one, Elizabeth of York, attended her funeral, Elizabeth couldn’t travel, as she was awaiting the birth of her child.


  • Elizabeth ’s mothers first marriage was to the duke of Bedford, the son of Henry IV of England.


  • Elizabeth Tilney, Countess of Surrey, was a close lady in waiting to Elizabeth and her daughter Elizabeth of York when she became the Tudor Queen Consort. Elizabeth Tilney would be remembered in history as the Grandmother to two future queen consorts, Anne Boleyn, and Catherine Howard.



  • Elizabeth 's made an alliance with Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry Tudor, later King Henry VII, Elizabeth said that if they supported him, that he should marry her daughter Elizabeth of York, thus uniting the houses of York and Lancaster.




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