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  • 25TH NOVEMBER: Henrietta Maria was born in Du Louvre, Paris, France the daughter of King Henry IV of France and Marie De' Medici
  • 14TH MAY; Henrietta’s father, Henry IV France is assassinated, and now her older brother Louis, is King Louis XIII of France.
  • 17TH NOVEMBER: Henrietta’s older brother Nicolas Henri, Duke Of Orléans died.
  • 24TH NOVEMBER: Henrietta’s brother is King Louis XIII of France married, Anne Of Austria
  • 10TH FEBRUARY: Henrietta is titled Madame Royale
  • Henrietta’s sister Elizabeth of France become Queen consort of Philip IV of Spain
  • Henrietta Maria was living in Paris with a household of some two-hundred staff
  • Henrietta first meets Prince Charles of England, the future Charles 1st England in Paris at a court of entertainment. Charles was was travelling to Spain with the Duke of Buckingham to discuss a possible marriage with the infanta Maria Anna Of Spain. the trip for Charles ended badly, and he asked his father on his return home to go to war with Spain.
  • Henry Rich and James Hay go to paris to progress with marriage negotiations between future Prince Charles of England and Henrietta
  • 27TH MARCH: James 1st of England is dead, and now Prince Charles, : Jamess son is king of England
  • 11TH MAY: Henrietta married King Charles 1st of England by proxy
  • 13TH JUNE: Henrietta and  King  Charles are married at St. Augustine's Church, Canterbury, Kent
  • 2ND FEBRUARY: Charles, Henrietta’s husband is crowned king of England the first of his name.Charles was crowned by George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • King Charles remover most all but six of Henrietta’s attendants that came with her to the english court, this upsets her greatly
  • Charles gives Henrietta Richmond Palace, and the manor, this becomes a royal home for their children in the future.
  • JULY: Henrietta caused a controversy by stopping to pray for catholics who had died at the Tyburn tree, catholics were still being executed in England during the 1620s, and Henrietta Maria felt passionately about her faith.
  • Lucy Hay, countess of Carlisle, is appointed Henrietta’s Lady Of The Bedchamber, lucy soon became a favorite of the queen, and participated in two of her famous masque plays
  • Orazio Gentileschi leaves France and the court Marie Medici’sM Henrietta’s mothers and ,joins the English court and becomes one of Henrietta’s favourite painters
  • George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. and his wife entertained Henrietta’ and the King Charles at their home. The climax of the lavish banquet was the presentation of Jeffrey to the Queen, served in a large pie. When the pie was placed in front of the Queen, Henry hudson, The Duke  of Buckingham Dwarfarose from the crust, 18 inches (460 millimetres) tall and dressed in a miniature suit of armour. The Queen was delighted and the Duke and Duchess of Buckingham offered Hudson to her as an amusing gift. Henry Hudsoin becomes part of the Royal Household.
  • Henrietta is secretly borrowing money, she bought very expensive clothes
  • Robert Phillip a French priest comes to England at Henrietta’s confessor
  • Henrietta is pregant for the first time.
  • 23RD AUGUST: George Villiers the Duke of buckingham is assassinated
  • Henry jermyn, 1st Earl of St Albans becomes Henrietta’s chamberlain and one of her Favourites.
  • 13TH MARCH: Henrietta’s son Charles James, Duke Of Cornwall Is born and died.
  • 29TH MAY: Henrietta’s son the future Charles II of England is born at St James's palace
  • Alexander Leighton, a doctor, ,mocks Henrietta in a pamphlet he writes, attacking church
  • 27TH JUNE The baptism of Henrietta’s son Charles by the Anglican bishop of London, William Laud
  • The Henrietta Maria, a ship used in the northwest passage expedition, by captain thomas James, was named after Henrietta.
  • 4TH NOVEMBER: Henrietta’s daughter Mary, princess royal at St. James's Palace, London
  • Henrietta begins the construction of the catholic chapel in Somerset House
  • 18TH JUNE: Henrietta’s husband Charles is crowned king of Scotland first of his name
  • Anthony van Dyck, paints a portrait of Henrietta Maria and King Charles I with Charles , Prince of Wales, and Princess Mary, around this period. The greyhoundthat was painted into this picture, symbolises the marital fidelity between Charles and Henrietta Maria
  • 14TH OCTOBER: Henrietta’s son James  is born, the future James  II of England  st. James's palace, London
  • 29TH DECEMBER: Henrietta’s daughter Elizabeth is born
  • 2ND JANUARY: Elizabeth stuart, Henrietta’s daughter was baptized by William Laud, Archbishop Of Canterbury.
  • Henrietta holds a grand ceremony in the opening of the chapel in Somset House
  • 17TH MARCH: Henrietta’s daughter anne of England is born, St. James's Palace, London
  • 30TH MARCH: The baptism of Anne of England, Henrietta’s daughterby William Laud, the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Henrietta’s mother marie de medici visits her in England. Charles 1ST gave St James palace to marie de medici, Henrietta’s mother, Marie remained in the palace for three years.
  • King Charles gives Henrietta mother wimbledon manor house.however h after three years she was asked to leave being she was a catholic, and asked to return back to cologne.
  • King Charles bought Wimbledon House for  his wife Henrietta’s
  • 29TH JANUARY: Henrietta gave birth to still born daughter Catherine
  • Henry Jermyn, 1st Earl Of St Albans becomes Henrietta’s master of the horse and favourite
  • 8TH JULY: Henrietta’s son Henry stuart, Duke of Gloucester is born at Oatlands Palace, Surrey
  • 5TH NOVEMBER: Henrietta’s daughter anne of England died age three years old at Richmond Palace, London with Tuberculosis
  • 2ND MAY: Henrietta’s daughter Mary, princess royal married William II Orange
  • 23RD OCTOBER -MAY 1642 Irish Rebellion Part of the Eleven Years' War , London society blamed Henrietta for the Irish Rebellion of 1641. It believed to be orchestrated by the Jesuits to whom she was linked in the public imagination
  • 1ST DECEMBER: Grand Remonstrance which a list of grievances presented to King Charles
  • JANUARY Charles directed parliament to give up five members of the commons – pym, john hampden, denzil holles, william strode and Sir Arthur Haselrig – and one peer – lord mandeville – on the grounds of high treason.its was believed that Henrietta encouraged Charles to do this
  • FEBRUARY: Henrietta goes via dover and leaves the country looking for support for her husband from abroad. she took the crown jewels with her presumably to sell to raise money
  • 3RD JULY: Henrietta’s mother marie de' medicidied in cologne, holy roman empire
  • The Start of The First English Civil War
  • 10TH JULY: Siege Of Hull: Part of The First English Civil War Charles, Henrietta’s husband is present here Result Parliamentarian Victory
  • André Mollet was designing gardens for Henrietta at wimbledon palace
  • AUGUST Henrietta was in hague raising money for the royal cause, she was not well during this period, suffering from toothache, headaches, a cold and coughs. she tried selling some of her jewellery but had difficulties, and was portrayed in the english press as selling off the crown jewels to foreigners to buy guns for a religious conflict,
  • 23RD OCTOBER  Battle Of Edgehill, Part of The First English Civil War Henrietta’s husband Charles , and her son James are at the battle Result Inconclusive
  • 13TH NOVEMBER: Battle Of Turnham Part of The First English Civil War Green, King Charles is at this battle’Result Standoff
  • JANUARY : Henrietta attempts to return to England. the first attempt to cross from the hague was not an easy one; battered by storms, her ship came close to sinking and was forced to return to port
  • 22ND FEBRUARY: Henrietta returns to England from holland, landing at bridlington on the North Yorkshire coast
  • 14TH MAY: Henrietta’s brother King Louis XIII, France is dead an now her nephew Louis XIV, is King of France
  • 10TH AUGUST: Siege Of Gloucester: Part of The First English Civil War King Charles present at the battle Result decisive parliamentarian victory
  • AUTUMN/WINTER: Henrietta spend time in oxford with Charles, she lived in the warden's lodgings in merton college, while here Henrietta was frequently stressed with worry
  • MARCH : At around now, Henrietta sees, King Charles for the last time.Henrietta is sent to saftey.King Charles travelled as far as Abingdon with her before returning to Oxford with his sons .Henrietta Maria eventually continued south-west beyond Bath to Exeter, where she stopped, awaiting her imminent labour
  • 16TH JUNE: Henrietta gives birth to her daughter Henrietta at Bedford House, Exeter, England
  • Henrietta flees to France her lady in waiting susan feilding, countess of denbigh accompanying her, she leaves her newborn daughter Henrietta in the care of Anne Villiers, countess of morton. known then as Lady Dalkeith, who was the young child’s Godmother.
  • MID-JULY, Henrietta recieves new that her daughter Henrietta has been ill with convulsion, however she soon recovered.
  • 13TH AUGUST: The Battles Of Lostwithiel Part of The First English Civil War king Charles is commander Result royalist victory
  • 6TH OCTOBER: Henrietta’s sister Elisabeth of France died at royal Alcázar, Madrid, Spain
  • 11TH JANUARY: Charles wrote to Henriette
  • 14TH JUNE The Battle of Naseby Part of The First English Civil War Prince Charles and Prince Rupert are present at the battle.Oliver Cromwell and Sir Thomas Fairfax are fighting for the Parlimentaries. Result Decisive Parliamentarian victory
  • JUNE: Anne Villiers, Countess Of Morton disguises herself as a peasant and flee’s the country with the Henrietta’s daughter
  • Henrietta is united with her youngest daughter Henrietta,
  • JULY: Henrietta’s son Prince Charles, joins her in France
  • DECEMBER: Henrietta is horrified when  she hears that her husband  King Charles rejected the "Four Bills" offered to him by parliament as a peace settlement
  • FEBRUARY: The Second Civil War Begins
  • 11TH MAY Henrietta is Godmother to her nephew Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, who was younger brother to the future Louis XIV France
  • 30TH JANUARY: Henrietta’s husband Charles 1st England is executed at whitehall, London, Henrietta is no longer queen consort now of England. England is now under Oliver Cromwelland the Common Wealth. Henrietta is titled her majesty the Queen Mother. Henrietta is broken and destitute
  • FEBRUARY: Henrietta is informed of her husband’s execution and is now known under the title of Her Majesty The Queen Mother
  • The Third Civil War Begins
  • 8TH SEPTEMBER: Henrietta’s daughter ElizabethSstuart died at Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight of Pneumonia
  • 4TH NOVEMBER: Henrietta’s grandson is born the future King of England William of Orange through her daughter Mary, princess royal.
  • 1ST JANUARY: Henrietta’s son Charles, is crowned King of Scotland the second of his name. Charles is crowned by Archibald Campbell, 1st Marquess of Argyll.
  • 31ST MARCH: Henrietta’s daughter Henrietta married Philippe of France, Duke Of Orléans, her first cousin.
  • Henrietta lives at convent Chaillot for a period of timeand she lived there for much of the 165O'S
  • 3RD SEPTEMBER: Battle Of Worcester:Part of The Third English Civil War Charles ,Henrietta;s eldest son is commander Result: decisive parliamentarian victory and escape of Charles
  • SEPTEMBER: The End to the Civil Wars in England
  • Prince Henry is permitted by Oliver Cromwell to join his mother Henrietta in France
  • Henrietta’s son Charles, moves his court on to cologne, away from his mother’s influence.
  • 2ND FEBRUARY: Henrietta’s brother Daston, Duke of Orléans died at Château De Blois, France
  • 29TH MAY: Henrietta’s son Charles is King of England
  • Henrietta returns to England she takes up residence once more at somerset house, supported by a generous pension
  • Henrietta attempts to restore Richmond Palace back with the manor house after the interregnum.
  • 3RD SEPTEMBER: Henrietta’s son James married Anne Hyde
  • 13TH SEPTEMBER: Prince Henry stuarts Henrietta’s youngest son died at Palace of Whitehall, London
  • OCTOBER Henrietta Maria returned to England following the Restoration along with her daughter Princess Henrietta.
  • 24TH DECEMBER: Henrietta’s daughter Mary Princess Royal died at Whitehall Palace, London. she died of smallpox
  • 23RD APRIL: The coronation of Charles, the second of his name.Charles was crowned by William Juxon, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Henrietta returns to France and begins to arrange her youngest daughter Henrietta’s marriage to marry the Duke Of Orléans
  • 30TH APRIL: Henrietta’s granddaughter the future Mary II of England is born, to her son James and his wife Anne hyde.
  • Henrietta’ returns to England accompanied by her son Charles II and her nephew Prince Rupert.
  • 30TH SEPTEMBER: The marriage Henrietta’s son Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza
  • 27TH DECEMBER: Henriatta sister Christine marie of France died Atpalazzo Madama, Turin, Savoy
  • 6TH FEBRUARY : Henrietta’s granddaughter Anne is born .The future Queen Anne of Great Britain to her son James and his wife Anne Hyde.
  • Henrietta returns to France after suffering badly from bronchitis, which she blamed on the damp British weather, residing at the Hôtel de la Bazinière, the present Hôtel de Chimay in Paris.
  • 27TH AUGUST: Henrietta is present at the birth of her granddaughter at Château de Saint-Cloud, France , Anne Marie D'orléan, by her daughter Henrietta
  • 10TH SEPTEMBER: Henrietta Maria of France died aged fifty-nine years at Château De Colombes, Colombes, France
Henrietta Maria of France was buried on 13th September 1669 at
Royal Basilica Of Saint Denis France
  • Henrietta Maria of France was Queen consort to Charles 1st of England for just less than twenty-four years.
  • Henrietta, from her father’s line was from the house of Bourbon and from her mother’s line was from the house of Medici.
  • After Henry III of France was assassinated on 31 July 1589, Henrietta’s father claimed the throne as the first Bourbon king of France, Henry IV. Henry’s first wife was Margaret of Valois, who was the sister of Henry III of France. In 1599, Henry IV France seek an annulment and this was granted. Then Henry married Henrietta’s mother Marie de Medici,
  • Henrietta was the wife of the executed king Charles 1st, she was a daughter of a king, Henry IV of France, she was a sister of a king Louis XIII France, She was a aunt of a king Louis XIV of France, and she was a mother of two Kings Charles II, and the future James II of England.
  • Henrietta and Charles 1st of England marriage was quite volatile in early days of their marriage, Henrietta took an instant dislike to George Villiers Duke of Buckingham, who was the kings Favourite. After Duke Buckingham’s assassination, the Henrietta and the king’s relationship improved.
  • Henrietta religious beliefs of her Catholic religion made it impossible for her to be crowned with her husband in an Anglican service. Henrietta Maria could watch Charles being crowned, at a discreet distance. Their marriage caused allot of uneasiness in the government, priMary to do with her religious beliefs.
  • The Queen’s Chapel, is a chapel in central London, built as a Roman Catholic built for Henrietta, it was built at a time when the construction of Catholic churches was prohibited in England
  • Henrietta acquired several court dwarves, including Jeffrey Hudson and "little Sara".
  • Charles 1st England, would call Henrietta Maria simply "Maria", with the English people calling her "Queen Mary",
  • Charles 2nd of England, Henrietta’s son was known as the “Merry Monarch” and was a popular and loved king.


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