The Ghosts who still walk the earth is a website I began building in 2017. Initially about three periods in Great Britain's history, The Plantagenet, Tudors and Stuarts. However has expanded to time-lines and arts works that is close to my thoughts.



There is nothing new under the sun. Technology and knowledge may progress and reach great heights. However human nature doesn’t. We are all creatures of habits, just liken to the animal kingdom. Slaves to our own Natures and follow patterns in behaviour. There is always people in history who are selfish, people who are who manipulate to achieve a goal. Those who are happy sitting back. There will always be people who put a certain individual in ranks of respect and believe their word over someone they see as below them.  Yet in truth, we are all made of the same flesh and blood and no-one is above making a mistake, or committing a wrong deed.

So many of us, want to know what tomorrow will bring and yearn for that crystal ball to tell us. However, we need not look hard, as by looking at our own roots as human beings, we can easily predict what's next for ourselves, and have the power within ourselves to make changes.


The Ghosts who still walk the earth is about the lives of people and events in our history we still talk of and hunger to hear more about. Also people whom make an impression and influence our lives.

As long as we remember them, their spirits will be shadows that walk amongst us and always alive.

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