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  • Isabella is born, the daughter of Philip IV of France and Joan I of Navarre Paris, France
  • JULY: The Treaty Of Montreuil: Whichwas for the betrothal of Edward of Caernarvon, later king Edward II of England, and Isabella of France, the daughter of Philip IV of France.
  • The Treaty of Paris
  • APRIL: Isabella’s mother Joan I of Navarre is dead.
  • 7TH JULY: Edward I of England is dead and now Edward his son is king
  • 25TH JANUARY Isabella married Edward II of England in Boulogne  Edward gave Isabella a Psalter as a wedding gift,
  • King Edward II returns to England with Isabel.
  • It had been reported that Piers Gaverston had been seen wearing some of Isabella of France Wedding jewellery which caused stir
  • 25TH FEBRUARY: The joint coronation of Isabella’s Queen of England and her husband Edward II, They were both crowned by Henry Woodlock, Bishop of Winchester.Piers Gaverston took a very prominent part at Edward's coronation, Piers was dressed in an outfit of royal purple and pearls, and called the king over to sit with him, instead of with his wife Isabella. The French delegation walked out and one earl drew his sword and had to be restrained from attacking Gaveston. The Kings cousin, Thomas of Lancaster who hated Piers Gaverston was also present, carrying Curtana, the sword of Edward the Confessor.
  • MAY King Edward II of England is informed an anonymous informer reported that his step-mother Queen Dowager Margaret of France had provided ₤40,000 along with her brother, Philip IV, to support the English barons against Piers Gaverston.
  • 18TH MAY King Edward forced to banish Piers Gaverston by his barons. Piers until 25th June, but faced excommunication by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Winchelsey, should he return.
  • 4TH MAY King Edward II and Piers Gaverston were at Newcastle.
  • SPRING: Edward II, Isabella andPiers Gaverston fled north but were followed by the Earls of Lancaster and Pembroke. in an attempt to outwit their pursuers Edward and Isabella went to york leaving Gaveston at Scarborough
  • Piers Gaverston returned to Scarborough, while the King Edward II left for York.
  • 19TH MAY Thomas of Lancaster, acting along with the Earl Pembroke Aymer de Valence Warenne the Earl Surrey, Henry Percy and Robert Clifford, , seized Piers from Scarborough Castle
  • 9TH JUNE Earl Pembroke left Piers Gaverston at the rectory at Deddington in Oxfordshire, while he himself left to visit his wife
  • Piers Gaverston was captured and imprisoned in Warwick Castle
  • 19TH JUNE At a mock trial At Warwick,Piers Gaverston was condemned to death for violating the terms of the Ordinances, before an assembly of barons, including Thomas Lancaster, , Hereford and Edmund FitzAlan, Arundel
  • Piers Gaverston is was beheaded at Blacklow Hill near Warwick, Warwickshire
  • 30TH NOVEMBER: Isabella’s son Edward is born (Future Edward III of England) at Windsor castle, Berkshire
  • JUNE: Isabella travels with her husband Edward go to Paristo meet with Philip IV, Isabella’s father.
  • 29TH NOVEMBER Louis is king of France
  •  15TH AUGUST: Isabella’s son John of Eltham, is born, at Eltham palace, Kent
  • 20TH NOVEMBER: Isabella’s brother Louis x France is dead and her other brother, Charles iv is king of France now
  • Isabella and Margaret De Clare, baroness Badlesmere, quarrel over Isabella refusing to influence a friend receiving an appointment in the exchequer office.
  • 18TH JUNE: Isabella’s daughter Eleanor of Woodstock is born at at Woodstock palace in Oxfordshire
  • 5TH JULY:  Isabella’s daughter Joan of England is born, also known as Joan of the Tower because she was born in the Tower of London
  • OCTOBER: Isabella went on a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Thomas at Canterbury
  • Margaret De Clare, Baroness Badlesmere, refused to let Isabella have entry to Leeds castle, Isabella was seeking shelter for the night, and ordered, an armed assault on Isabella, in prevention of getting her access.
  • The baroness Margaret De Clare, was arrested and put in the Tower after her action, and her men executed.
  • Isabella and her husband Edward stay at Rievaulx Abbey
  • King Edward II send Isabella to Tynemouth Priory. For safety away from the Scots.
  • Isabella children are taken into the care of Eleanor De Clare then sent to the care of Ralph De Mothermer and Isabella Hastings
  • MARCH: Isabella is sent to France by her husband Edward II and began making negotiations with her brother king Charles of France on Edwards behalf.
  • After this point, Isabel and Edward II marriage began to determinate .
  • SEPTEMBER: Prince Edward, Isabella’s son joins her in France.
  • DECEMBER Roger Mortimer began a Passionate affair with Queen consort Isabella of France.
  • FEBRUARY Isabella was in a relationship with the exiled marcher lord, Roger Mortimer.
  • Isabella’s son Edward is contracted to Philippa of Hainault
  • SEPTEMBER: Isabella and Roger Mortimer invaded England with soldiers, and Edmund, Edward II England’s brother took part in the invasion .Edward II England, offered a reward for their deaths, and Isabella, responded by offering twice as much of the reward for the death of Hugh Dispenser
  • 16TH NOVEMBER: Edward II is taken now a prisoner
  • 24TH NOVEMBER: The execution of Hugh Le Dispenser
  • 25TH JANUARY:Edward II England is deposed and Edward Isabella’s son is now king of England.
  • FEBRUARY IST: Isabella’s son Edwards coronation as king of England, and was crowned at Westminster Abbey a few by Archbishop Walter Reynolds.
  • Isabella is regent for her son,Edward III England
  • APRIL The deposed Edward II was imprisoned in Berkeley Castle.
  • 21ST SEPTEMBER: Isabella’s husband Edward II of England is died at Berkeley Castle
  • 24TH JANUARY: Isabella’s son Edward married Philippa of Hainault
  • 1ST FEBRUARY: Isabella’s brother Charles VI France is dead, and now her cousin Philip is king of France
  • 17TH JULY: Isabella’s daughter Joan of England married  the future David ii Scotland
  • 6TH OCTOBER: Isabella’s son  John of Eltham, is made earl of Cornwall
  • Edmund of Kent attempted to lead an uprising against Isabella, in favour of restoring Edward II England, believing he was still alive
  • 4TH MARCH: The coronation of Philippa of Hainault
  • 19TH MARCH: Isabella and Roger Mortimer have Edmund of Kent executed
  • 19TH OCTOBER: Isabella and Roger Mortimer are seized and arrested by her son Edward III council
  • Isabella is no longer regent for her son Edward III, Edward now rules in his own right.
  • Isabella is under house arrest at Windsor castle
  • 29TH NOVEMBER:Roger Mortimer is executed hanged at Tyburn
  • NOVEMBER: Isabella’s daughter Joan of England coronation as Queen consort of Scotland
  • MAY: Isabella’s daughter Eleanor of Woodstock, married Reginald II, Duke of Guelders
  • Isabella is back at her own home at castle rising in Norfolk, Isabella extended the castle buildings and enjoyed a regal lifestyle, entertaining her son, Edward III, on several occasions
  •  13TH SEPTEMBER John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall died
  • 22ND APRIL Eleanor of Woodstock Isabella’s daughter died
  • Isabella daughter Joan, remains in England after the release of her husband David ii, and becomes closer to her mother Isabella
  • 23RD APRIL: Isabella appeared at the St George's day celebrations at Windsor wearing a dress made of silk, silver, 300 rubies, 1800 pearls and a circlet of gold
  • Isabella was involved in the negotiations with Charles II of Navarre
  • 22ND AUGUST: Isabella died at the age of sixty-three years old at Hertford castle, England, Joan her daughter nursed her before she died.
Isabella of France was buried on the  27th November 1358 at Grey Friars' church at Newgate


  • Isabella was Queen consort of Edward the II of England for nineteen years
  • Isabella was the Daughter of Philip IV OF France, from the house of Capet. She was only female within three brothers, all three of her brothers sat on the French throne. However, none left male issue to inherit it.
  • Théophania De Saint-Pierre, was Isabella’s child hood nurse, Isabella was also given a good education and taught to read, developing a love of book Isabella was noted as charming and diplomatic.
  • Isabella was said to be also quite manipulative, with a particular skill at convincing people to follow her causes. She was sometimes described as a she-wolf in history. Isabella had to work with political challenges and the troubles these relationships caused in court among her husband King Edward’s council.
  • Isabella’s and Edwards marriage ran in to problems, some to which, were related to his relationships with Piers Gaveston and then Hugh Despenser, many were skeptical on the true nature of these relationships the king had, and if they were homosexual.
  • Isabella became the mistress of Roger Mortimer of Wigmore , and with Mortimer and other supporters, raised an army to overthrow her husband Edward II of England and place her son the prince Edward on the throne instead. She planned for herself and Mortimer to rule as her son’s regents, however this plan did not work out as she had hoped.
  • Isabella de Vesci, had been a close friend of Isabella when Queen of England. However when her and Roger Mortimer, decided on making peace with the Scots. This caused issues with landowners, if you lived in the North of England. Isabella de Vesci, then began conspiring against her.
  • Isabella spent her later years in retirement and then became increasingly interested in religion as she grew older, visiting a number of shrines. Isabella and her Daughter Joan grew close and she took keen interest in her grandchildren, Edward the Black Prince in particular. It has been suggested Isabella suffered from occasional fits of madness during this period, but modern interpretations suggest, at worst, a nervous breakdown which began after the death of her lover Roger Mortimer.


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