Who was the real King James IV of Scotland? Why did King James IV wear a heavy iron chain cilice around his waist?


  • MARCH: James brother James Stewart, (Stuart) Duke of Ross is born
  • DECEMBER: James brother John Stewart,(Stuart)Earl of Mar is born
  • James brother James Stewart, Duke of Ross is created Earl of Ross
  • JULY-AUGUST Capture of Berwick: Part of Anglo-Scottish Wars: This was between England and Scotland: Richard Duke of Gloucester(the future Richard III England) is commander for the English Result Decisive English victory at  Berwick
  • JULY: James father, James III Scotland is taken hostage by the Scottish nobles
  • 9TH APRIL: The death of Edward IV England,  Edward V is king of England
  • 26TH JUNE: Richard is King of England. Edward V, King Richard nephew is deposed and later goes missing with his younger brother from the Tower of London.
  • 22ND AUGUST: The Battle of Bosworth  Part of the Wars of The Roses. Henry  Tudor representing the House of Lancaster is engaged in a battle with King Richard III of England. Henry Tudor wins and becomes Henry VII  King of England after Richard III of England was killed in battle.
  • 1485-91 Battle Of Blair Na Pairce Scottish Clan Battle. This was between those loyal to James IV and Clan  Mackenzie  against  those of loyal to  John of Islay, Earl of Ross: Result Mackenzie victory
  • NOVEMBER: James brother James Stewart (Stuart), Duke of Ross, is betrothed to Catherine of York, daughter of the late Edward IV  of England. Elizabeth Woodville the dowager queen was promised to James father King James III Scotland. When his father died. James never pushed this agreement. So marriages took place.
  • Battle Of Sauchieburn, This battle was between royalists and Scottish rebels. in which James himself participated on the opposite side.
       Result Decisive Rebel Victory
  • 11TH JUNE: James father James III Scotland is dead, killed at the Battle Of Sauchieburn,
  • 24TH JUNE: James coronation at Scone Abbey, Perthshire, James is crowned King of Scotland by William Scheves, Archbishop of St Andrews.
  • JUNE 29TH –James granted Andrew, Lord Gray, the lands and Barony of Lundie
  • James defeats another rebellion
  • James illegitimate son Alexander Stewart is born by his mistress Marion Boyd.
  • Lordship of the Isles abolished
  • James encouraged major expansion of navy, founding two dockyards and clearing Scottish waters of the pirates
  • King's College, Aberdeen is founded. by William Elphinstone
  • NOVEMBER James received Perkin Warbeck, the Bogus Duke of York, in Stirling castle
  •  13TH JUNE: The Education Act 1496. Which makes education compulsory for barons and wealthy landowners.
  • JULY: James was flattered To Entertain Don Pedro De Ayala as a resident Spanish ambassador at his court, and he paid some of Ayala's expenses
  • SEPTEMBER: James did a brief invasion on England, on behalf of the English pretender Perkin Warbeck a red, gold and silver banner was made for Warbeck as the Duke of York; James's armour was gilded and painted, and the royal artillery was prepared
  • Jan de Groote, a Dutchman, obtains a grant for the north ferry from the mainland of Scotland to Orkney, from King James IV of Scotland.
  • MARCH: James lord chancellors, daughter Catherine Gordon is given to Perkin Warbeck, the English pretender of Prince Richard of Shrewsbury.
  • James illegitimate daughter Margaret Stewart born from his mistress lady Margaret Drummond:
  • Janet Kennedy attracted the attention of King James and becomes his mistress
  • MAY: James nominates his brother James Stewart, (Stuart) Duke of Ross to be Archbishop of St Andrews. king James thought that would keep James of Ross from rebelling against him.
  • James provides a ship called the cuckoo and a hires a crew under a Breton captain which returns Perkin to Waterford in shame
  • Chair of Medicine established at Aberdeen University.
  • AUGUST: James laid siege to Norham castle, using his grandfather's bombard mons meg
  • 30TH SEPTEMBER: Treaty of Ayton
  • 10TH FEBRUARY: James signed a ratification of The Treaty at St Andrew's
  • James illegitimate son James Stewart,(Stuart)Earl of Moray is born.by his mistress Janet Kennedy
  • JANUARY: James brother, James Stewart, (Stuart) Duke of Ross died
  • 24TH JANUARY: The Treaty of Perpetual Peace was signed at Richmond palace
  • 25TH JANUARY Ceremony of betrothal, through the proxy of Margaret Tudor and James. Patrick Hepburn stood proxy for King James
  • 17TH JULY: James illegitimate daughter Janet Stewart, (Stuart)lady Fleming is born her mother his mistress Isabel Stewart of Buchan
  • 11TH MARCH: James brother John Stewart,(Stuart) Earl Of Mar died.
  • APRIL: James met Janet at Bothwell castle
  • 28TH MAY James and Margaret Tudor are married by Pope Alexander VI, according to Papal bull
  • AUGUST: Janet Kennedy, James mistress is sent away to Darnaway Castle
  • 1ST AUGUSTMargaret Tudor, was met by the Scottish court at Lamberton. at Dalkeith Palace, James came to kiss her goodnight
  • 3RD AUGUST: James, came again to console her after a stable fire had killed some of her favourite horses.
  • 7TH AUGUST: Margaret Tudor was carried from Dalkeith to Edinburgh on a litter
  • The Thrissil and the Rois is a Scots poem composed by William Dunbar to mark the wedding,
  • 8TH AUGUST: James married Margaret Tudor
  • The hours of James IV of Scotland, the prayer book of James IV and Queen Margaret is an illuminated book of hours was produced.
  • JANUARY: James brother James Stewart,(Stuart)Duke of Ross died
  • 30TH JUNE: James is entertained by John Sempill.
  • James illegitimate son Alexander Stewart become archbishop of St. Andrews
  • The hours of James IV of Scotland, the prayer book of James IV and Queen Margaret is produced
  • Around this period the ship known as "Great Michael", that was of the Royal Scottish Navy was ordered to be built. She was the largest ship built by King James IV of Scotland as part of his policy of building a strong Scottish navy.
  • 21ST FEBRUARY: James son James Stewart,(Stuart) Duke of Rothesay is born at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, the kingdom of Scotland
  • Scotland's had its first printing press set up by Andrew Myllar
  • James grants a patent for the first printing press in Scotland, to Walter Chapman and Andrew Myllar.
  • 27TH FEBRUARY: son James Stewart,(Stuart) Duke of Rothesay died at Stirling Castle, Stirling kingdom of Scotland
  • 21ST APRIL: James father in law Henry VII England is dead, and Henry VIII his brother in law is king of England
  • 20TH OCTOBER: Arthur Stewart,(Stuart)Duke of Rothesay is born At Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, the kingdom of Scotland, named in honour of his deceased uncle Arthur, Prince of Wales who would have become king of England had he outlived his father.
  • 14TH JULY: James son Arthur Stewart, (Stuart) Duke of Rothesay died at Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, the kingdom of Scotland
  • James wrote to the pope mentioning that only letters for Scotland with Patrick painter’s countersignature could be trusted.
  • 12TH OCTOBER: Great Michael, Royal Scottish navy. Ship is launched
  • 10TH APRIL: The birth of James son James V, of Scotland, is born at Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgowshire
  • 11TH APRIL: The baptism of James  son James who is  given the titles, Duke of Rothesay and prince and the great steward of Scotland
  • 28TH JUNE: Pope Leo X sent a letter to James, threatening him with ecclesiastical censure for breaking peace treaties
  • 9TH SEPTEMBER: James is killed at the Battle of Flodden, Northumberland, England. the battle between England and Scotland


  • James Stuart Stuart) was King of Scotland for twenty-five years.


  • James Gaelic name: is Duke of Rothesay


  • James’s grandmother was Joan Beaufort Joan was a granddaughter of Edward III of England.


  • James was betrothed to Cecily of York in 1474, the daughter of Edward IV, of England. The marriage negotiations and dowry payments made, in order for the marriage to one day take place. Not following through with the marriage negotiations led to the invasion of Scotland and capture of Berwick in 1482


  • During the second rebellion, the rebels set up the 15-year-old James as their nominal leader. They fought James III at the Battle of Sauchieburn on the 11th June 1488, where the king was killed. The.increasing preference shown to his younger brother James of Ross by his father. Was a factor and an influence in the rebellion.


  • When James realized his indirect role in his father James III Scotland’s death, he chosen to wear a heavy iron chain cilice around his waist, next to the skin, each Lent as penance, adding extra ounces every year.


  • James was well educated and had the ability to master, or the state of having mastered, multiple languages. He appreciated music and the arts. And under his reign, education was made compulsory for barons and wealthy landowners.


  • James was a more popular King of Scotland than his predecessor his father James III. He successfully settled major feuds between his nobles and between the Highland clans.


  • James married the daughter of Henry VII of England, Margaret Tudor. Through their marriage, they would be the grandparents of Mary Queen of Scots, making them also great-grandparents to James VI of Scotland, and 1st of England.


  • Treaty of Ayton, was when Don Pedro de Ayala helped negotiate the Treaty between England and Scotland signed at the church of Ayton on the 30th September 1497, acting as the commissioner of the Scottish King. The commissioners for England were William Warham, Richard Foxe and John Cartington.



  • Of James Dog or, more fully, Of James Dog, Kepair of the Quenis Wardrop is a poem of William Dunbar in which the poet complains to Queen Margaret Tudor of Scotland about the keeper of her wardrobe, James Dog.



  • In 1972, Tv historical Drama "The Shadow of theTower", King James the IVof Scotland was portrayed by Derek Anders.

Arms of James IV displayed in the Great Hall he built at Stirling Castle


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