Who was Margaret Beaufort and what is her role in Plantagenet and Tudor court?



  • 31ST MAY Margaret Beaufort was born in Bletsoe Castle, Bedfordshire, England. The daughter of John Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset and Margaret Beauchamp of Bletsoe
  • 7TH FEBRUARY Margaret was married to John de la Pole. The son of William de la Pole. The marriage was dissolved three years later.
  • 17TH MAY John Beaufort Margaret's father died at Wimborne, Dorset, England
  • 14TH APRIL Margaret's mother,Margaret Beauchamp married for a third time to Lionel de Welles, 6th Baron Welles,
  • John (de) Welles, Margaret's half brother is born through her mother's third marriage
  • 24TH MARCH Edmund Tudor, was given the ward-ship of the nine-year-old Margaret Beaufort,
  • 3RD NOVEMBER Margaret's husband Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond died at Carmarthen Castle aged 26years after being infected with the bubonic plague
  • Margaret is now known under the titleThe Dowager Countess of Richmond
  • Margaret was taken into the care of her brother-in-law Jasper Tudor, at Pembroke Castle
  • 28TH JANUARY Henry Tudor is born at Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire, Wales , Margaret and Edmund Tudor's son.The birth was particularly difficult; at one point, both the Countess and her child were close to death, due to her young age and small size
  • 6TH APRIL A dispensation for the marriage,was granted for Margaret to Marry Henry Stafford the son of Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham. As they were second cousins
  • 3RD JANUARY Margaret married Sir Henry Stafford at at Maxstoke Castle
  • 4TH MARCH King Henry VI is now deposed and Edward Earl of march is King Edward IV of England
  • 29TH MARCH Lionel de Welles, 6th Baron Welles , Margaret's step-father was killed at the Battle of Tow ton. Part of the Wars of the Roses.
  • 25TH JUNE Henry Stafford, Margaret's husband was granted a pardon by King Edward IV of England
  • King Edward IV had purchased Margaret's son' Henry Tudor’s wardship for £1000 and placed him in the household of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, a staunch Yorkist. Margaret and her husband Henry Stafford had to leave their home and her son at Pembroke Castle
  • King Edward IV granted Henry Stafford and Margaret the former Beaufort manor of Woking in Surrey
  • MAY Margaret and her husband Henry Stafford were in London to hear the King's public announcement of his intention to invade France.
  • 20TH DECEMBER Edward IV visited Woking to attend a hunt and afterwards dined with Margaret and her husband Henry at their hunting lodge at Brookwood
  • 12TH MARCH The Battle of Loose Coat Field. Part of the Wars of the Roses Henry Stafford, Margaret's husband fought at this battle. Result Royal Victory
  • 3RD OCTOBER King Edward IV is now deposed and King Henry VI is back on the English Throne.
  • Margaret and her husband Henry Stafford , together with her son Henry Tudor and his uncle, Jasper Tudor, attended an audience with the restored King and dined with the King's chamberlain, Sir Richard Tunstall.
  • 11TH APRIL King Henry VI is now deposed again and Edward IV  is back on the English throne.
  • 14TH APRIL Battle of Barnet Part of the Wars of the Roses . Location (north of) Barnet, Hertfordshire, England Result Yorkist victory Henry Stafford was present at the battle and was badly wounded.
  • 17TH APRIL Margaret hurried from Woking to London and sent a rider to Barnet for news of her husband
  • Margaret's son Henry fled with other Lancastrians to Brittany, where he spent most of the next 14 years under the protection of Francis II, Duke of Brittany.
  • 21ST MAY The deposed King Henry VI died in the Tower of London.
  • 4TH OCTOBER Margaret's husband Sir Henry Stafford died from wounds from the Battle of Barnet.
  • Margaret made a will. Margaret specified in her will that she wanted to be buried alongside Edmund
  • JUNE Margaret married Thomas Stanley, the Lord High Constable and King of Mann. This was marriage of convenience
  • 3RD JUNE Margaret Beauchamp died, Margaret's mother
  • 3RD APRIL King Edward IV of England is now dead, and now his son Edward V is King with his uncle Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector
  • 26TH JUNE King Edward V is now deposed and is kept in the Tower of London with his younger brother Richard. Now Richard Duke of Gloucester is King of England as Richard III
  • 6TH JULY The coronation of King Richard III and his wife Anne Neviille. Margaret had befriended the new Queen Anne Neviille, and carried Anne's train at her coronation.
  • SUMMER Both the deposed King Edward V and his brother Richard have gone missing from the Tower of London and are presumed dead.
  • Margaret's husband Thomas Stanley is now Lord High Constable 1483–1504
  • while serving the new king and Queen Anne Neviille, Margaret was secretly plotting with the dowager Queen, Elizabeth Woodville,and was involved in Buckingham's rebellion against the new regime. Richard III then stripped Margaret of all her titles and estates, and transferred her property to her husband.
  • Due to the fact that both Queen Elizabeth Woodville's sons, the Princes in the Tower, were presumed dead, Margaret and Elizabeth agreed to the betrothal of Margaret's son, Henry, to Elizabeth of York, the eldest daughter of Elizabeth and Edward IV.
  • 25TH DECEMBER At Rennes Cathedral on Christmas Day Henry Tdor, Margaret's son pledged to marry, Elizabeth of York,
  • 22ND AUGUST The Battle of Bosworth Field, Part of The Wars of the Roses. This is between houses of York King Richard III and HenryTudor, House of Lancaster. Richard III is killed and Henry Tudor wins and becomes King Henry VII of England.
  • 27TH OCTOBER King Henry VII of England created his mother s husband Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby
  • 30TH OCTOBER The coronation of Henry Tudor . He was crowned King Henry VII of England by Thomas Bourchier. Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Margaret is titled The Countess of Richmond and Derby
  • 18TH JANUARY King Henry VII married Elizabethof York at Westminster.
  • 20TH SEPTEMBER Arthur Tudor is born in Winchester Cathedral Priory, Winchester, Kingdom of England Margarets first Grandson.
  • 16TH JUNE Battle of Stokefield. Part of The Wars of the Roses.Between those who want the Yorkists on the throne and Henry Tudor.LocationEast Stoke, Nottinghamshire, England.ResultDecisive Tudor (Lancastrian) victory
  • Queen dowager Elizabeth Woodville left the Royal court
  • DECEMBER John (de) Welles, 1st Viscount Welles , Margaret's half brother married Cecily of York, the daughter of the late King Edward IV of England.
  • Margaret was invested as a Lady Companion, Order of the Garter
  • 28TH NOVEMBER Margaret Tudor was born Westminster Palace, London, , the daughter of Margaret's son Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Margaret was named after her grandmother. Margaret was God-mother to her granddaughter.
  • 28TH JUNE Margaret's grandson is born, Henry, The future King Henry VIII of England.
  • 16TH FEBRUARY Margaret's brother-in-law was executed under King Henry VII of England for his role in the support of Perkin Warbeck the Yorkist Pretender
  • 18TH MARCH Margaret's granddaughter Mary Tudor is born at Sheen Palace, London, Surrey, Kingdom of England
  • Oliver St John , Margaret's half brother from her mother's first marriage died.
  • John Fisher, became Margaret's chaplain and confessor
  • Margaret announced her intention to build a free school for the general public of Wimborne, Dorset.
  • 9TH FEBRUARY John (de) Welles, Margaret's half-brother died
  • Margaret with her husband's permission, she took a vow of chastity in the presence of Richard FitzJames, Bishop of London
  • Margaret changed her signature to Margaret R. Perhaps to signify her royaty
  • 14TH NOVEMBER Margaret's grandson Arthur married Catherine of Aragon at Saint Paul's Cathedral; both Arthur and Catherine wore white satin. The ceremony was conducted by Henry Deane, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was assisted by William Warham, Bishop of London and another nineteen bishops .Cecily of York, Viscountess Welles bore the train of Catherine of Aragon
  • Sir Nicolas Byron was created a Knight of the Bath by Arthur, at his wedding. Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham attended wearing a gown worth £1500.Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset ,who was first cousin to Arthur, was 'chief answerer' at the marriage
  • After which followed was a bedding ceremony, laid down by Margaret the bed was sprinkled with holy water, after which Catherine was led away from the wedding feast by her ladies-in-waiting. She was undressed, veiled and "reverently" laid in bed, while Arthur, "in his shirt, with a gown cast about him", was escorted by his gentlemen into the bedchamber, while viols and tabors played. The Bishop of London blessed the bed and prayed for the marriage to be fruitful, after which the couple were left alone. This is the only public bedding of a royal couple recorded in Britain in the 16th century
  • 15TH NOVEMBER Tournaments are held day after Arthur's wedding. Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham was the chief challenger at the tournament
  • MARCH Prince Arthur and his wife Catherine had fallen ill. With sweating sickness and consumption (tuberculosis). Catherine recovered, she was not well for bit and missed her husband’s funeral at Worcester Cathedral
  • 2ND APRIL Arthur Tudor died at Ludlow Castle, Ludlow, Shropshire, Kingdom of England
  • Margaret established the Lady Margaret's Professorship of Divinity at the University of Cambridge
  • 11TH FEBRUARY Margaret's daughter-in-law Elizabethof York died
  • King Henry VII took his wife Elizabethof Yorks death bad. He became extremely ill himself and would not allow any except his mother Margaret near him. For Henry Tudor to show his emotions, let alone any sign of infirmity, was highly unusual and alarming to members of his court.
  • 8TH AUGUST Margaret's granddaughter, Margaret Tudor married King James IV of Scotland,
  • 29TH JULY Thomas Stanley died, at Lathom, Lancashire Margaret's husband.
  • When King Henry VII banned Cecily of York, (Margaret's sister-in-law)  from court and all her estates were confiscated due to the fact that when she re-married it was to some-one of lower birth status, . Margaret helped Cecily get some of her lands were restored.
  • Margaret refounded and enlarged God's House, Cambridge as Christ's College, Cambridge with a royal charter from her son king Henry
  • 21ST APRIL King Henry VII is dead and now his son is King Henry VIII of England.
  • 11TH JUNE King Henry VIII married Catherineof Aragon, his brother's widow.
  • 24TH JUNE The joint coronation of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
  • 29TH JUNE Margaret Beaufort died in the Deanery of Westminster Abbey at London, England aged sixty-six years. Bishop John Fisher was present at her death-bed.
Margaret Beaufort was buried at Henry VII Lady Chapel, Westminster Abbey


  • Margaret Beaufort was Countess of Richmond and Derby and the mother of Henry VII of England and paternal grandmother of King Henry VIII.


  • Margaret was Great-grandmother to Edward VI, May 1st and Elizabeth 1st of England and King James V of Scotland and future monarchs from this line.


  • Margaret came from The House of Beaufort. The name Beaufort refers to Montmorency-Beaufort, a place once owned By John of Gaunt the third son of Edward III of England. Margaret was the Great-granddaughter to John of Gaunt.


  • Margaret had been married four times all told. Her first marriage to John de La Pole was short-lived and annulled. Margaret's second marriage was to Edmund Tudor, the son of Queen Dowager Catherine of Valois to her second marriage to the Welsh Owen Tudor. Her third marriage was to Henry Stafford, the second son of The Duke of Buckingham Humphrey Stafford and her last and final marriage was to Thomas Stanley which began as a marriage of convenience. Margaret had only one child, Henry Tudor the son of her second husband Edmund.


  • Margaret was a key figure, in the Wars of The Roses, for the House of Tudor.


  • During the reign of her son Henry VII, Lady Margaret was referred to as "My Lady the King's mother", sometimes signing herself 'Margaret R'. Margaret was very controlling and dominating, she held the reigns of things even before Queen Elizabeth of York. Margaret wore robes of the same quality as the queen consort and walked only half a pace behind her. Margaret was reluctant to accept a lower status than the dowager queen Elizabeth Woodville, She wrote the Book of the Royal Household, determining how state and private occasions should be performed. Even to the point of taking charge of the royal nurseries and arranging the education of her grandchildren


  • Margaret Tudor was Margaret Beaufort's favourite grandchild. Lady Margaret left Margaret Tudor 'a gyrdell of gold containing xxix linkes, with a grete pomaunder at oon ende, ponder: xviii uncles iii quarters' in her will.


  • Lady Margaret Hall college that was established in 1878 was named after Margaret Beaufort.




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