• 29TH NOVEMBER: Margaret Tudor is born at nine pm, in Westminster Palace, London, Middlesex, the kingdom of England, the daughter of Henry VII of England, and Elizabeth of York. Elizabeth Woodville Queen dowager of England Margaret's grandmother was present at her birth.
  • Margaret was baptised in St. Margaret's church, Westminster by John Morton, Elizabeth Tilney and her grandmother Lady Margaret Beaufort, was her Godparents.
  • Margaret would spend her childhood at Sheen and at Eltham Palace,
  • 28TH JUNE: Margaret’s younger brother, the future Henry VIII of England is born, at Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, Kent
  • 18TH MARCH: Margaret’s younger sister Mary Tudor is born at Sheen Palace, London, Surrey, England
  • 30TH SEPTEMBER King James IV's commissioner, the Spaniard Pedro de Ayala concluded a lengthy truce with England, and now the marriage was again a serious possibility
  • Joan Vaux is lady governess to Margaret and her sister Mary
  • 24TH JANUARY Treaty Of Perpetual Peace. This was signed by James IV' of Scotland and Henry VII of England. It agreed to end the intermittent warfare between Scotland and England which had been waged over the previous two hundred years
  • 2ND APRIL: Arthur
  •  Tudor, Prince of Wales died at Ludlow Castle, Ludlow, Shropshire, Kingdom of England.
  • 25TH JANUARY: Margaret’s marriage to James IV' of Scotland was completed by proxy at Richmond Palace. Patrick, Earl of Bothwell, was proxy for the Scottish king and wore a gown of cloth-of-gold at the ceremony in the Queen's great chamber.
  • 11TH FEBRUARY: Margaret’s mother Elizabeth of York died at the Tower of London, London, England.
  • 6TH MAY Henry VII sent letters out to those who would have the important task of escorting his daughter Margaret to Scotland for her marriage to James IV' of Scotland. Some these included Thomas Savage, the Archbishop of York, William Senhouse the Bishop of Durham, the Thomas Howard (Earl Surrey) Thomas Boleyn, Sir Richard Pole, Sir Edward Stanley, Sir Thomas Darcy, Sir Walter Hungerford and Sir John Husee.”
  • MAY James IV' confirmed Margaret's possession of lands and houses in Scotland, including Methven Castle, Stirling Castle, Doune Castle, Linlithgow Palace and Newark Castle in Ettrick Forest, with the incomes from the corresponding Earldom and Lordship lands.
  • 27TH JUNE: Margaret left Richmond with her father Henry VII of England for the first part of the journey, travelled to Collyweston. Ralph Ogle, 3rd Baron Ogle is charged as part of her royal escort also
  • Margaret and escort spent eleven days with Lady Margaret Beaufort before starting the journey north to Scotland.
  • 8TH JULY Margaret journey began again passing Stops included Grantham, York, Durham, Newcastle and Berwick
  • 1ST AUGUST: Margaret crossing the border at Berwick Upon Tweed and arrived in Scotland.
  • 4TH AUGUST Margaret lost some of her favourite horses, caused by a stable fire other loses was her riding gear, including a new sumpter cloth or pallion of cloth-of-gold worth £127. king James IV came to console her
  • 7TH AUGUST Margaret was carried from Dalkeith to Edinburgh on a litter
  • 8TH AUGUST: The marriage of Margaret and James IV in person, followed by celebrations. Margaret was thirteen and James IV was thirty years of age. Margaret is now Queen consort of Scotland. They were married in the chapel of Holyroodhouse. Margaret was led from her chamber to the church by the Archbishop of York and the Thomas Howard then Earl of Surry, with his second wife Agnes Tilney carrying her train. Thomas Boleyn their son in law was present also. Margaret wore a robe trimmed and lined with crimson velvet, a collar of gold and pearls around her neck and a crown on her head. The thirty-year-old king was dressed in “a gown of white damask, figured with gold and lined with sarcenet. He had on a jacket with sleeves of crimson satin, the lists of black velvet, under that same a doublet of cloth of gold, and a pair of scarlet hose. His shirt embroidered with a thread of gold, his bonnet black, with a rich belay, and his sword about him.”
  • ` Margaret attends mass at St Giles', the town's kirk, as her first public appointment.
  • Margaret the Scottish warship, is launched and is named by James IV after Margaret.
  • 21ST FEBRUARY: Margaret’s son James, Duke of Rothesay is born at Holyrood Palace
  • 27TH FEBRUARY: Margaret’s son James, Duke of Rothesay, died at Stirling Castle
  • 15TH JULY: Margaret gives birth to a daughter at Holyrood Palace, but the baby dies soon after birth.
  • 21ST APRIL: Margaret’s father Henry VII of England is dead, and now her brother Henry is king of England
  • 11TH JUNE: Margaret’s brother Henry VIII England, married their brother's widow Catherine of Aragon
  • 29TH JUNE: Margaret’s grandmother through her father Henry VII, Margaret Beaufort died.
  • 20TH OCTOBER: Margaret’s son Arthur Stewart, Duke of Rothesay, is born at Holyrood Palace.
  • 14TH JULY: Margaret’s son, Arthur Stewart, Duke of Rothesay died at Edinburgh Castle
  • 10TH APRIL: Margaret’s son the future James V of Scotland is born at Linlithgow Palace, James was baptised the next day.
  • NOVEMBER: Margaret gives birth to a daughter but the child soon dies after the birth
  • 9TH SEPTEMBER: Battle Of Flodden. James IV Scotland is killed at the battle by the army of Margaret’s brother Henry VIII of England. Catherine of Aragon had ridden north in full armour to address the troops at the battle while her husband Henry VIII was in France, despite being heavily pregnant at the time. The battle is disastrous for Scotland and many of the nobles are killed. From Woburn Abbey Catherine of Aragon sent a letter to Henry VIII along with a piece of the bloodied coat of King James IV of Scotland, who died in the battle Margaret is now is now a widow.
  • Margaret is said to have waited for the news of her husband at Linlithgow Palace, where a room at the top of a tower which is now called 'Queen's Margaret's Bower.
  • Margaret position in Scotland now is vulnerable as much Scottish noble distrust her at the end of the day, she is Tudor, and Tudors killed their king, and their nobles in the Battle of Flodden.
  • Margaret became regent for their son James V of Scotland from 1513 until 1515
  • 21ST SEPTEMBER: Margaret ‘s son James V is crowned king of Scotland, by James Beaton, Archbishop of Glasgow at chapel royal at Stirling castle
  • Patrick Lindsay, 4th Lord Lindsay of the Byres, is appointed Margaret’s advisor during her time as regent,
  • 30TH APRIL: Margaret’s son Alexander Stewart, Duke of Ross is born at Stirling Castle
  • 6TH AUGUST: Margaret secretly married Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus at the parish church of Kinnoull, in Perth. When news of the marriage got out, it was opposed by the nobles
  • SEPTEMBER The Privy Council ruled that Margaret had acted against the terms of James IV’s will and could no longer act as Regent. She was replaced by John Stewart, 2nd Duke of Albany,
  • 9TH OCTOBER: Margaret sister Mary married King Louis XII of France, and becomes, Mary Tudor queen of France, Louis was to die within only a few months of the marriage.
  • 3RD MARCH: Margaret’s sister married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk
  • AUGUST John Stewart besieged Stirling castle and took the royal children (James V) from the care of Margaret. John Stewart, Duke of Albany then becomes regent and acts as regent for James V from now till 1524.
  • 7TH OCTOBER: Margaret’s daughter, Margaret Douglas is born at Harbottle Castle in Northumberland
  • 8TH OCTOBER: The christening of Margaret Douglas, .cardinal Thomas Wolsey. is her godfather
  • 18TH DECEMBER: Margaret’s son Alexander Stewart, Duke of Ross, died at Stirling Castle
  • Margaret’s husband, Archibald Douglas, 6th earl of Angus, abandoned his wife Margaret to return to Scotland and make peace with Albany and escape a charge of treason.
  • 8TH APRIL: Margaret travels down south, towards London with her daughter Margaret, accompanied by Lord Dacre and others, travelling first to Newcastle, where they were met by Sir Thomas Parr.
  • 3RD MAY: Margaret enters London she spends around eighteen months here. staying at what is known in London as Scotland Yard.
  • A treaty was negotiated between Duke of Albany, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and Henry VIII England
  • 18TH MAY Margaret and her daughter leave London
  • 15TH JUNE: Margaret were met at Berwick By the Duke of Albany deputy. Margaret’s husband Archibald Douglas was also waiting for them at nearby Lamberton Kirk,
  • Margaret returns home to find that her husband Archibald Douglas, 6th earl of Angus is living with another woman Lady Jane Stewart in her absence. Margaret decided that she wanted a divorce and sought her brother’s help
  • Margaret gets to see her son James V in Edinburgh castle
  • OCTOBER Margaret wrote to her brother King Henry VIII England, brother, hinting at divorce: Henry did not support his sister Margaret wanting a divorce
  • Margaret sides with John Stewart, Duke of Albany over her husband Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus, and is trying also to get a divorce
  • 3RD AUGUST: John Erskine, 5th Lord Erskine, is appointed a guardian of the young James V of Scotland. he had strict instructions from Margaret Tudor to hold the castle keys and set a password every night for the king's guards
  • MARCH: Thomas Magnus visits Margaret in Perth. bringing certain news of the defeat of Francis I of France at Pavia and a letter from Margaret's brother, Henry VIII that made her weep uncontrollably for an hour
  • It is around this time, it is believed that Margaret’s daughter went into the care of the father, Archibald Douglas.
  • JULY-1ST NOVEMBER: Guardianship of the King James V was entrusted to Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus, However as his time of guardianship came Clise to a close he was reluctant to accept this. James V was a virtual prisoner to him for several years.
  • Margaret persuaded the Earl of Lennox and cardinal Beaton to support her cause to free her son from the care Archibald Douglas
  • 4TH SEPTEMBER: Battle Of Linlithgow Bridge, Part of The Clan Douglas and Stewart royal family feud. This was a failed attempt to free James V from Archibald Douglas
  • MARCH Pope Clement VII granted Margaret her petition for a divorce Margaret did not get the Good news of this till the December due to the political situation in Europe at the time.
  • 11TH MARCH: Margaret manages to get her divorce from Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus.
  • Clan Douglas and Stewart royal family feud, Margaret’s son manages to escape from the custody of Archibald Douglas,
  • Archibald Douglas is forced to leave Scotland all of his lands are confiscated. Archibald takes his and Margaret's daughter with him to England.
  • 3RD MARCH: Margaret married Henry Stewart 1st, Lord Methven. Who was the fourth cousin of her first husband James IV Scotland The reaction to this marriage was quick. Margaret and Henry were besieged at Stirling castle by Lord Erskine, with the support her former husband, the Earl of Angus. Henry was imprisoned. However when James V joined his mother at the castle things turned around and Henry her new husband has created a lord.
  • JUNE James V, Margaret’s son became a king in his own right
  • OCTOBER: Margaret’s daughter Margaret Douglas is sent back over the river tweed into England at Norham castle her father. She then joined the joined the household of her godfather, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. Isobel Hoppar is appointed her nurse and governess.
  • When cardinal Thomas Wolsey died, Margaret’s daughter, Margaret Douglas is then invited them to the royal palace of Beaulieu, where she resided in the household of Princess Mary, Henry VIII VIII daughter, her first cousin.
  • 25TH JANUARY: Margaret’s brother Henry VIII  married Anne Boleyn, Anne would be executed in 1536 for treason and adultery.
  • 25TH JUNE: Margaret’s sister Mary Tudor died, at Westhorpe hall, Westhorpe, Suffolk, kingdom of England
  • 30TH MAY: Margaret’s brother Henry VIII now married his third wife, Jane Seymour. Jane would die from childbirth complications in October 1537.
  • 18TH JULY: Margaret Douglas, Margaret’s daughter is sent to the Tower by Henry VIII, her uncle, Margaret was high in the line of succession, due to Mary and Elizabeth Henry’s daughter being declared bastards. When Margaret gets intimate with a Thomas Howard, a man classed as to low of birth for her. Henry VIII is outraged and puts them both  in imprisonment, Margaret is eventually released, and Thomas Margaret Douglas' lover dies in the Tower of London.
  • 1ST JANUARY: Margaret’s son James V Scotland married Madeline of Valois. however, by 7th July his young sixteen-year-old bride died, due to poor health.
  • Henry Ray met secretly with Margaret , at Holyrood Palace
  • JUNE: Margaret welcomed Mary of Guise, her son James's new French bride to Scotland. established a good understanding established a good understanding
  • 12TH JUNE Margaret’s son, James V, married Mary of Guise by proxy
  • 18TH JUNE: Mary of Guise married James V Margaret’s son. at St Andrews Cathedral
  • 18TH OCTOBER: Margaret died from a stroke at Methven Castle, Perthshire, kingdom of Scotland Margaret
Margaret Tudor is buried in Carthusian Priory of St John in Perth
  • Margaret Tudor was Queen consort of James IV of Scotland for ten years


  • Margaret was from the House of Tudor, she was daughter of a King Henry VII of England, sister of a King Henry VIII of England, the mother of King James V of England and grandmother to the future Queen Mary Queen Scots and to Mary’s consort Scotland Henry Stewart Lord Darnley Aunt to a future queen Elizabeth 1st and Mary 1st England, and future king Edward VI of England. Margaret would be the great-grandmother of James VI of Scotland, 1st of England.


  • Margaret was named after her grandmother, Margaret Beaufort the countess of Richmond and Derby


  • Margaret and her brother Prince Arthur were close as children, Margaret and Arthur travelled with their own households from Eltham to Westminster to Windsor and back again, visiting their parents as often as possible. Margaret was regularly part of court life,


  • The Hours of James IV of Scotland is a Prayer book. Which was presented as a wedding gift, by either King James IV himself as a gift to his new bride Margaret Tudor, or by a Scottish nobleman gifted to them as a newly married couple, in 1503.


  • Margaret, married three times, once out of duty, and twice from choice.


  • James IV of Scotland, always wore an iron belt, in which he would add chain to for every year, James wore this as penance, as he felt very guilty about his father’s death and what he felt was his part in it, when James IV body was found in the battlefield, this belt was not found on him, so there were rumours that he had indeed not been killed, and was still at large. A rumour unfounded.


  • Margaret was regent for her son James V of Scotland until she married her second husband Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus. There was allot of tension after this choice in marriage, and it had been said that James IV gave Margaret regency of their son as long as she stayed a widow. In 1516, Margaret regency was taken out her hands and was given to firstly to John Stewart, 2nd Duke of Albany,


  • Margaret was very protective over her son, she was always conscious of what happened to her mother’s Brothers, “the Princes in the Tower” 1483, and how Richard III, the named regent then took power, and how princes disappeared.


  • Henry VIII of England did not support Margaret’s divorce to Archibald Douglas, he was appalled at the idea, even though he was going through wanting a divorce himself. When Margaret, married for the third time, her third husband, Henry Stewart, who was found, keeping a mistress in one of his castles, Margaret then wanted another divorce again. However this time it was her  James V her son wouldn’t allow this. When Margaret died in 1541, Henry Stewart, her third husband married the mistress he had taken.


  • Margaret Douglas, Margaret's daughter had been a lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn and later she became a chief lady to Queen Catherine Parr. Margaret is the mother of Henry Stewart Lord Darnley, the husband of Mary Queen of Scots.



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