Mark Gatiss

Mark Gatiss, a multi talented man. writer, artist and actor.What a remarkable brain this chap has got. .

Henry Gatiss, is born. Mark's great grandfather
Elizabeth Gatiss is born, Mark's great grandmother
 George Gatiss is born, Mark's grandfather
Winifred Rose (née O'Kane) is born,  Mark Gatiss mother                                               (D.2003)

Maurice Gatiss was born, Mark Gatiss fathe


Jeremiah O' Kane died/ Mark's grandfather.


Margaret O' Kane died, Mark great-grandmother and mother  of  Jeremiah O'Kane 

Mark's parent's Maurice and Winnie were married 
Jill Gatiss is born, Mark's older sister
Phillip Gatiss is born, Mark's older brother
Mark Gatiss was born in Sedgefield, County Durham to Winifred  Rose and Maurice Gatiss.


 Mark  first time in London. It was to see the  Tutankhamun exhibition.

9th November     
Ian Christopher Hallard was born in Birmingham, England , Mark Gatiss  future husband
 Mark  had his first foreign holiday in  Spain
Mark  early work into theatre was the role of Dad in "The Waiting Room", written by Tony Stowers in Darlington
The League of Gentlemen initially began as a stage act
Mark published  his first graphic novel, "Nightshade", which was part of the Doctor Who stories.
Mark Gatiss had his  early screen appearance in "Harry" (TV Series) as the Diner Manager

"P.R.O.B.E." a series of direct-to-video science-fiction films  mostly  written by Mark Gatiss and produced by BBV Productions was first aired. It is the first live-action Doctor Who spin-off series.
  "St Anthony's Fire" written by Mark Gatiss, based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who, was published.
Mark won the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival They became the first sketch group to win since the Awards began in 1981.
24th November   
"The Round heads" a BBC Books original novel written by Mark Gatiss was published. This was based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features         the Second Doctor, Ben, Jamie, and Polly.
 Mark then met actor Ian Hallard, a fellow British actor and husband, whom he first met online.
Mark made an appearance in This Morning with Richard Not Judy, in the role of Greg Evigan a BBC comedy television programme.
  Mark wrote two episodes of  Randall & Hopkirk"Two Can Play at That Game"&"Painkillers" (2001)
Mark's mother Winifred Rose died, and only short time later, Mark' sister Gill was diagnosed with cancer, and sadly died.
 Mark Gatiss was awarded an honorary doctorate of letters by the  University of Huddersfield 
Mark Gatiss received a monumental phone call from Clayton Hickman, who was then the editor of Doctor Who Magazine, informing him that Doctor Who was returning and was asked to            write for the new show
20th February      
"Sex Lives of the Potato Men" a 2004 British comedy film. The film is about the sexual antics of a group of potato delivery men in Birmingham   cast includes Mark Gatiss     
 "The Vesuvius Club" a  historical spy story by Mark Gatiss was  published. It is the first novel in a series featuring the spy, Lucifer Box.
6th January         
 Mark Gatiss appears in "Nebulous"  a post- apocalyptic science fiction comedy radio show written by Graham Duff and directed  by Nicholas Briggs.
2nd April               
 The Quatermass Experiment a live television film remake of the 1953 television series of the same name by Nigel Kneale. Actor Jason Flemyng was cast as Quatermass, with long- time Kneale admirer Mark Gatiss as Paterson
9th April           
  "The Unquiet Dead" is the third episode of the first series of the British science-fiction television programme Doctor Who, was first broadcast. Written  Mark Gatiss
6th November     
"The Devil in Amber" the second novel in a series featuring the fictional spy, Lucifer Box. It was published, Written  Mark Gatiss
5th May               
"The Lazarus Experiment" the sixth episode of the third  series of the revived British science fiction   television series Doctor Who, was first broadcast on BBC One. Mark played the character of Professor Lazarus
13th June            
 "The Worst Journey in the World", premiered on BBC Four. A  Television docudrama based on the memoir of the same name by polar  explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard. Written by Mark Gatiss
Mark was working in theatre, IN the play All About My Mother" as the role of Agrada at Old Vic
Mark married Ian Hallard in Middle Temple, in the City of  London underneath a portrait of Edward Carson QC, the man who prosecuted Oscar Wilde
7th October         
"Free Jimmy"  was released in the UK . British comedy writer and actor Simon Pegg wrote this screenplay for the wider English- speaking  world  of which was subsequently released straight to DVD  by Break Thru Films. The voice actors of the 2008 English-                language version is made up of an international ensemble cast that included Mark Gatiss as the voice of Jakki
"Black Butterfly" the third and final novel in Mark Gatiss' Lucifer                                    Box trilogy was published.
17th November     
Clone a 2008 BBC Three comedy series was first aired  starring Jonathan  Pryce and Mark Gatiss, centred on the creation and education of the world's first human clone. A series of six 30-minute episodes
22nd December   
"Crooked House" (TV series)  a supernatural drama mini-series, was first aired on BBC Four. It was written and co-produced by actor and writer Mark Gatiss.
Mark, was a guest on Private Passions, the biographical music discussion programme on BBC Radio 3                                     
16th May             
"Worried About the Boy" is premiered on BBC  Two British biographical drama television film directed by Julian Jarrold and written by Tony Basgallop, based on the life of English          singer Boy George.Mark Gatiss plays the role of  Malcolm                                            McLaren                                                                                             
25th July             
"Sherlock" a British crime drama television series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories. Created  by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss,premiers on BBC One.Mark is also part  of  the cast playing the character Mycroft Holmes                                     
11th October      
 "A History of Horror" (also known as A History of Horror with Mark  Gatiss) premiered on BBC Four. A three-part documentary series made for the BBC by British writer and actor Mark Gatiss.
19th October     
"The First Men in the Moon  was first aired o BBC Four  written by Mark Gatiss                                       
Mark, was playing the role of "Bernard" in Alan Ayckbourn's Season's Greetings at the Royal National Theatre in  London alongside Catherine Tate.                                                            
 "Mark Gatiss is Gay " was featured on The Independent on Sunday's Pink List of influential gay people in the UK
21st November    
"An Adventure in Space and Time", a British biographical television film,written by regular Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss,was  premiered. The biographical film focuses on a dramatised version of  events surrounding the creation of Doctor Who in the 1960s, with  emphasis on actor William Hartnell, portrayed by Bradley, as he took on the role of the original incarnation of the show's main  character, the Doctor. 
6th December      
Mark Gatiss joined the cast of the Donmar Warehouse Production of Coriolanus as Senator of    Rome, Menenius. The play went from 6th December 2013 through 13th February 2014.For his role on the play, Gatiss received a Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Supporting            Role nomination.
25th December     
"The Tractate Middoth" short a ghost story by British author M. R. James was  adapted by Mark Gatiss, and was broadcast by the BBC2 as part of the long-running A Ghost Story for                  Christmas series
Mark Won Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in 'Coriolanus' at British Stage Awards 2015.
Mark appeared at Darlington Civic Theatre on Saturday to  raise money for a memorial at Darlington Police Station.The memorial will honour police officers who have died, including        Gatiss' brother-in-law, Detective Sergeant Dave Storey.
Mark returned to the theatre in The Boys in the Band where he played the role of Harold alongside Ian Hallard. This was their first play in theatre together
 Team Sherlock is participating in the Blenheim Triathlon, raising  funds for Switchboard.Team members: Sue Vertue, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss
7th January         
 "Taboo"is a BBC television drama series produced by Scott Free London and Hardy Son & Baker. first aired on BBC One.Mark Gatiss  played the role of the Prince George, heir to the King of Great Britain
Mark curated and directed Queers – a series of eight monologues  for BBC Four to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, which saw the partial decriminalisation           of male    homosexual
Mark Gatiss visits childhood hero and author of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, to chat children's books, family and sci-fi, Judith Kerr.
21st October         
 Gunpowder is a British historical period drama television  miniseries  was first aired on BBC One. Produced  by Kudos and Kit Harington’s Thriker Films for BBC One. The three-part drama series.Mark Gatiss played the role of  Sir Robert  Cecil.
9th February         
The Mercy a British biographical drama film,was released in the UK. Directed by James Marsh and written by Scott Z. Burns. It is based on the true story of the disastrous attempt by the amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst to complete the Sunday Times Golden            Globe Race in 1962. Mark Gatiss played the role of  Ronald Hall.
Mark Gatiss wrote and presented the documentary John Minton:"The Lost Man of British Art"for BBC Four 
Mark appeared as the lead in a revival of The Madness of  George III at Nottingham Playhouse.
24th December   
"Dead Room", a a British supernatural drama television film broadcast on BBC Four .The thirty-minute film, written and directed by Mark Gatiss, tells the tale of a long-running radio                  horror series of the same name
Mark Gatiss  become the patron of children’s literacy charity  Grimm & Co.
24th December   
"Martin's Close" a ghost story by British writer M. R. James A version of the story adapted by Mark Gatiss is set to air on the  24th December 2019 on BBC Four as part of the long-running A Ghost Story for Christmas series.
1st January           
Dracula is an upcoming television series developed by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, based on the novel of the same  name by Bram Stoker. The series is being developed for broadcast          and release on BBC One and Netflix, and will consist of three episodes.  

Additional Information

  • Mark Gatiss, grew up in the village of School Aycliffe, north of Darlington, where their father was a mining engineer. As the pits closed, his father joined his mother working at the psychiatric hospital opposite their home.The hospital, once known as Aycliffe Colony for the Mentally Defective, became Mark’s second home. He and his brother Phillip, used the swimming pool there, had their haircuts done by staff, and watched films in the hospital’s cramped cinema.

  • He attended Heighington Church of England Primary School and Woodham Comprehensive School in Newton Aycliffe. He then studied Theatre Arts at Bretton Hall College which was an arts college affiliated to Leeds University.

  • Mark has Irish ancestor, from his mother side. Jeremiah O' Kane, Mark's grandfather attended Queens University, Belfast in 1918 for medical training.Jeremiah O' Mullan, Marks great great-grandfather was a Irish land owner.

  • Horror films and ghost stories have always been Mark Gatiss’ obsession and he has always wondered whether this love of the ghastly and ghoulish springs from Irish ancestry on his mother’s side.He also adored the authors HG Wells and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote the Sherlock Holmes novels, later inspiring Mark's TV series.

  • Mark's earliest memory Watching Jon Pertwee play Doctor Who in the episode about shop window dummies coming to life.Mark's words in an interview with the Telegraph in 2007 was " I was four years old and absolutely terrified, but I couldn't look away."

  • Fulfilling a long-cherished childhood dream, Mark once built a fully equipped Victorian laboratory in his London home. It’s reported the lab featured blood-red walls, gas lamps and a stuffed cat in a bell jar among other oddities.

  • Mark has been a fan of Dr Who since his being young and is one of only three people to have both written for, and appeared in, the legendary sci-fi series. 

  • Mark is a keen collector of fossils and briefly wanted to be a paleontologist as a child. Apparently, the characters of Tubbs and Edward in The League of Gentlemen were inspired after Gatiss and the rest of the team visited a shop in Brighton on a fossil-buying trip.

  • John Minton, is a favourite 20th century artist of Mark Gatiss.He first saw one of his paintings as a teenager at the National Portrait Gallery. Minton was a prolific painter of both landscapes and portraits, and as a gay man, Mark has always been particularly drawn to his sensitive depictions of striking young men.

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