• Piers Gaveston' was born, the son of Arnaud de Gabaston and Claramonde de Marsan
  • Gerald de Gabaston Piers brother is born.
  • 4TH FEBRUARY Pier's mother Claramond died.
  • Pier's father Arnaud de Gabaston was used as a hostage by King Edward 1st of England for Aragon.
  • Pier's father Arnaud de Gabaston was used as a hostage by King Edward 1st of England for the French King.
  • Piers sailed to England with his father and his older brother, Arnaud-Guillaume de Marsan
  • Piers became a member of the household of the young Prince Edward – the future Edward II. King Edward st of England was apparently impressed by Piers conduct and martial skills, and wanted him to serve as a model for his son.
  • 7TH FEBRUARY Edward of Caernarvon (later King Edward II of England) becomes the first English Prince of Wales.
  • King Edward II of England awarded Piers the wardship of Roger Mortimer of Wigmore, after the death of Roger's father, on the request of Edward, Prince of Wales
  • There was a dispute between the treasurer Walter Langton and Prince Edward . Which enraged King Edward 1st of England to the point where he banned his son from court, and banished several men from the prince's household Including Piers. After some negotiations involving family members and friends,  the King and his son Pince Edward were reconciled, however Piers was not permitted to return yo court.
  • MAY Piers is back at the royal court
  • Piers and twenty-one other knights deserted a Scottish campaign to attend a tournament. An arrest order was sent out for the deserters
  • JANUARY Queen Margaret, helped those including Piers receive a pardon for being deserters
  • Piers returns to the Royal court.
  • 26TH FEBRUARY Edward I announced that Pierce had to leave the realm shortly after 30 April that year According to Walter of Guisborough, the prince appeared before the King to request that his own county of Ponthieu be given to Piers Edward I, enraged, tore out handfuls of his son's hair and threw him out of the royal chambers. It would appear Piers banishment was more of a punishment for Prince Edward than for anything directly linked to Piers.
  • On Piers departure, from Court when Prince Edward equipped him with horses, luxurious clothes, and £260 of money
  • 7TH JULY King Edward I, dies at Burgh by Sands in the far Northwest of England while campaigning against the Scots.
  • 6TH AUGUST King Edward II's makes Piers Earl of Cornwal. The earldom gave Gaveston substantial landholdings over great parts of England, to the value of £4,000 a year
  • 7TH NOVEMBER Piers married Margaret de Clare at Berkhamsted Castle . The castle had been gifted to Piers by King Edward II and attended the wedding himself.Berkhamsted Castle had previous been part of Queen Dowager's Margaret of France lands.
  • 2ND DECEMBER King Edward II organised a tournament in Gaveston's honour at Wallingford Castle.
  • Pierce is now Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
  • King Edward II appointed Piers regent in his place. While he left the country to marry the French king's daughter Isabella of France, This was a responsibility that would normally be given to a close family member of the reigning king
  • JANUARY 'Boulogne agreement'
  • 25TH JANUARY King Edward II of England and Isabella of France were married at Boulogne-sur-Mer,
  • It had been reported that Piers had been seen wearing some of Isabella of France Wedding jewellery which caused stir
  • 25TH FEBRUARY The coronation of King Edward II of England. Piers took a very prominent part at Edward's coronation, Piers was dressed in an outfit of royal purple and pearls, and called the king over to sit with him, instead of with his wife Queen Isabella. The French delegation walked out and one earl drew his sword and had to be restrained from attacking Piers. The Kings cousin, Thomas of Lancaster who hated Piers was also present, carrying Curtana, the sword of Edward the Confessor.
  • MAY King Edward II of England is informed an anonymous informer reported that his step-mother Queen Dowager Margaret of France had provided ₤40,000 along with her brother, Philip IV, to support the English barons against Piers.
  • 18TH MAY King Edward forced to banish Piers by his barons. Piers until 25 June, but faced excommunication by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Winchelsey, should he return.
  • 25TH APRIL Pope Clement V was satisfied that the difficulties between the King and his magnates had been settled, and agreed to lift the interdict against Pier
  • Piers recommends Walter de Thornbury as Lord Chancellor of Ireland
  • Piers accompanied by Walter de Thornbury began a campaign to restore the Crown's authority in Leinster
  • 27TH JULY Parliament allows Piers to return in exchange for an agreement to reform the royal administration
  • 5TH AUGUST Piers was reinstated with the earldom of Cornwall
  • Piers began to exploit his relationship with the King more ostentatiously, obtaining favours and appointments for his friends and servants
  • FEBRUARY Many of the earls refused to attend parliament as long as Piers was present . Piers was dismissed and Parliament began as normal.
  • 16TH MARCH King Edward had pressure put on him, to make changes to his royal Household. This group of so-called Lords Ordainers consisted of eight earls, seven bishops and six barons. Among the earls were supporters of the King, like Gloucester and John of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, as well as strong opponents, like Lancaster and Warwick
  • JULY King Edward II appointed Piers Lieutenant of Scotland
  • 16TH AUGUST At a Parliament meeting, the King was presented with a set of proposed reforms of the royal household, as well as specific attacks on individuals, including a demand for the renewed exile of Piers
  • 3RD NOVEMBER Piers left England again.
  • CHRISTMAS Piers returns from exile and is back at the royal court.
  • JANUARY Piers was in York, with his heavily pregnant wife Margaret de Clare.
  • 18TH JANUARY King Edward declared the judgement against Piers unlawful and restored all lands to him.
  • 6TH FEBRUARY Amy de Gaveston is born the daughter of Pierce and his wife Margaret de Clare.in Tonbridge Castle, Kent, England.
  • King Edward arranged a lavish celebration after the birth of this little girl, complete with minstrels.
  • APRIL king Edward II made Piers Governor of Scarborough Castle
  • 4TH MAY King Edward II and Piers were at Newcastle
  • SPRING: Edward, Isabella of France and Piers Gaveston fled north but were followed by the Earls of Lancaster and Pembroke. in an attempt to outwit their pursuers Edward and Isabella went to york leaving Piers Gaveston at Scarborough.
  • 19TH MAY Thomas of Lancaster, acting along with the Earl Pembroke Aymer de Valence Warenne the Earl of Surrey, Henry Percy and Robert Clifford, seized Piers from Scarborough Castle
  • 9TH JUNE Earl Pembroke left Piers at the rectory at Deddington in Oxfordshire, while he himself left to visit his wife
  • Piers was captured and imprisoned in Warwick Castle
  • At a mock trial At Warwick, Piers was condemned to death for violating the terms of the Ordinances, before an assembly of barons, including Thomas Lancaster, Hereford and Edmund FitzAlan, Arundel
  • 19TH JUNE Pier's Galveston is was beheaded at Blacklow Hill near Warwick, Warwickshire by those who seized him.
Piers Gaveston, 1st Earl of Cornwall was Buried Kings Langley, Hertfordshire


  • Piers Gaveston, 1st Earl of Cornwall ( was an English nobleman of Gascon origin, and the favourite of King Edward II of England.
  • It was hinted at by medieval chroniclers, and has been insinuated by modern historians, that the relationship between Gaveston and Edward was homosexual.
  • When King Edward Ist of England, gave Piers the ward-ship of Roger Mortimer. This put Piers in charge of Mortimer's possessions during the latter's minority, and served as proof of the King's confidence in his son's companion . Roger Mortimer was the future lover of Queen consort Isabella of France the wife of Edward II of England.. However, King Edward 1st would later change his attitude towards Piers, as he did not like the growing influence Piers had over his son
  • Piers marriage was arranged by King Edward II of England to Margaret de Clare, the daughter of Gilbert de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertford and his wife, Joan of Acre. Joan of Acre was King Edward's sister. Pier's marriage of such a high-born heiress to a foreigner did not please the English nobility and engendered a great deal of unpopularity.
  • There was much friction and anger of the amount of attention King Edward II gave Piers. At the coronation feast after the King Edward II was crowned. King Edward largely ignored his new wife Isabella of France in favour, of Piers.Aparently At King Edward 1st England's deathbed he had supposedly exhorted some of his closest followers Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, Guy de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, Aymer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke and Robert Clifford – to keep watch over his son, and particularly to make sure that Piers did not return. The 'Boulogne agreement' of January 1308, in which the earls of Warenne, Hereford, Lincoln and Pembroke expressed concern about oppression of the people and attacks on the honour of the crown. Though not mentioned by name, Piers was the implied target of this document. It became clear that the barons had the support of King Philip IV of France, who was greatly offended by King Edward's treatment of his daughter. Isabella of France
  • King Edward's II England;s relationship with Piers inspired Christopher Marlowe's 1592 play Edward II,.
  • It was not until 2nd January 1315, after the King had secured a papal absolution for his favourite, that he could have Piers body buried in an elaborate ceremony at the Dominican foundation of King's Langley Priory; the tomb is now lost . Piers, body was simply left behind at the site of his execution. One chronicle tells of how four shoemakers brought it to Warwick, Warwick refused to accept it, and ordered them to take it back outside his jurisdiction. Eventually, a group of Dominican friars brought it to Oxford. A proper burial could not be arranged while Piers was still excommunicated In 1823 A cross with inscription was erected at Blacklow Hill ,This was done by local squire Bertie Greathead, on the site believed to be the location of Gaveston's execution
  • In 1977, The Piers Gaveston Society is a dining club founded at the University of Oxford. It is named in honour of Piers Gaveston .The club's motto is Latin: "(Sane) non memini ne audisse unum alterum ita dilixisse" which translates roughly as "Truly, none remember hearing of a man enjoying another so much"
  • In the 1991 film, Edwrad II, Andrew Tidrede ernan plays Piers Gaverston



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